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Sorry it took so long. I had major writers block. I hope it's not too bad. There is some smutty behavior in this chapter. This chapter is also kind of short so please forgive me.
The next day was a free day so they could sleep in. Jackson woke up first, admiring Mark's sleeping face. Finding it incredibly adorable how Mark was curled up next to him sleeping like an angel. Even though Jackson wanted to keep looking at Marks beautiful sleeping face, he leaned in and woke Mark up with a soft kiss on the lips. Good morning. Mark said in a sleepy voice. He always looks the cutest when he first wakes up, Jackson thought to himself. You make it so hard for me not to attack you, Jackson said. Nothing stopped you before, what's stopping you now? Mark asked. Are you suggesting a round 3? Jackson asked with a smile. Not if you're gonna tease me again, Mark complained. But you're so cute when you get mad, Jackson teased. Mark huffed at what Jackson said as he crossed his arms and turned away from him. Jackson started to kiss Mark to get him to stop being mad at him. I'm not giving in, Mark said. Oh come on, Jackson said as he started to kiss Mark more. Nope, Mark said. You know you want to, Jackson said as he started to kiss down Marks neck. You're evil Jackson Wang, Mark said as he finally gave in. Jackson smiled at Mark as he kissed him on the lips. I love it when you give into me, Jackson teased as he started to kiss Marks chest. Jackson slowly made his way down Marks stomach and then stopped to lick Mark's stomach back up to his neck causing Mark to make sounds that were like music to Jackson's ears. The more intense they got the harder it was for Jackson to control himself from going over board. He wanted to take Mark on a trip of ecstasy and just went Jackson was going to do that they heard a knock at the door. They both froze and looked at each other. Then the doorknob started to turn. Guess who came to visit? A voice said before seeing Mark and Jackson under the covers together.
Ooooooh!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Who is it? I need to know!😡😡😡😡😡
can you please tag me in all the chapters you already have for this fanfic.. please thanks
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You will find out in the next chapter. @Orihemay
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