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This is a special card, for a special friend.....I'm talking about you, @Danse XD
Now, I wouldn't say that we became friends through yaoi, but I would say that when I saw this capture I IMMEDIATELY thought of @Danse. It's good to have people to share your interests with, no? :P Hope you're feeling better this week!! <3
@Yatosgirl You would die in my Construction class or at wrestling practice. Construction class: 15 boys. Wrestling: 43 boys. I'm the only girl in both instance and they all act so shipable with each other and I'm just like "No brain must not ship-oh crap! I ship! I ship! I ship!"
So I have a BAD problem of instantly shipping irl too...And when to boys act so cute and littler around each other.. AHH KAWAII!!! I cant help it...
Most of my friends that like yaoi were introduced to it by me. I spread yaoi everywhere I go 馃槀
@midnightskieslo yeah!! So true when I started to watch and reading it it just gave me the feels馃槏馃樁 so bad and I was like I need to share馃榿 but none of my friend like it or want to try it馃槻馃様馃槩.
@midnightskieslo thank you 馃榿馃槃 lol do you know how it feels to read yaoi and not have someone to take about those funny or feels moments 馃槩.
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