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Sometimes, we all feel a bit like an ugly duckling. I know I have my moments where I look at others and just think that there's no way I'll ever match up to them.

But that is totally, completely not true!!!

We are all awesome, special people who can do cool, fun things.

Seriously!! You might think you're weird or stick out because you're into anime, games, cosplay, whatever! But that's really not the case. You don't have to follow the same flow as everyone else. You just have to be you!

Sure, everything we do might not interest others...but...

That doesn't. matter. You don't need to live to make others happy, but live to enjoy the life you're leading!!!

As long as we are confident in ourselves & enjoy who we are....


So stop looking down on yourself, kay? Deal?

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A wonderful card, thank you. We all need to be reminded that there is something beautiful about each of us.
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@dianes711 Thank you!! That's just why I wrote it :)
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very well said and posted. 馃槍馃挅馃挅馃挅
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This is beautiful. Your words couldn't be any more true. We are all beautiful, in our own way, and we all need to remember that. I love the last gif of Armstrong and Sig. 鉁ㄢ湪
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