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Capturing the emotions in photos is not an easy task. In order to pull out the emmotion of the photo, the photographer should be able to connect with the subjects. As the photographer, it's your job to help people feel relaxed and comfortable! 1. Take Plenty Of Warm Up Shots There are times when a person needs a little time to warm up in front of the camera. In these situations, I am thankful for taking that extra few minutes to get a great shot. Don't be afraid to take an assortment of photos as you get to know your subject 2. Ask Lots Of Questions When I began to get to know my subjects, my photographs got better. I have always been moved by emotion and that is one thing that really connected me to photography. Having a conversation while taking photos is a great way to capture little moments and get photos that reflect the person's personality! 3. Experiment With A Full Range Of Emotion Depending on the focus of the photoshoot, I like to experiment with a full range of emotion. I do this for various reasons, but most importantly it helps break the ice. Spending a few minutes being fun, silly, flirty, serious and sad....can loosen up your subject, while at the same time getting to know the comfort level of your subject. Everything I do and the way I interact with a subject goes back to "getting to know" my subject- spending this extra time to find the beauty rather than shoot and hope for the best- will really pay off. I promise. 4. Watch For The In-Between Moments From the start of a photosession to the time it comes to an end...I am always ready. My camera is in hand and I am aware at all times, anticipating the unexpected and unplanned moments. Some of my favorite shots are the ones right after the shot that my subject was expecting. This is when they breathe out the breath they were holding in, relax the smile that could have been forced and the moment when their body falls into a more relaxed position. We can give our subjects direction all day long, but there's something wonderful about a natural pose...and sometimes you can find that in the "in between." So, my advice is to always anticipate the next move, before your subject gets there. Keep your camera to your eye and continue to look for the natural beauty. Everyone has it. It's there. Anticipate it! 5. Do The Research & Get To Know Your Subject Elsie: When I take photos of my dear friends I always try to capture one of the qualities that I love most about them! In this photo of my pal, Leigh-Ann, I was trying to capture her adorable smile, one of her cutest qualities. I told cheesy inside jokes until I captured a genuine smile! Kelli: My subjects can always expect to receive a Q&A from me, prior to a photoshoot. It's super important to me to capture who they are. What works for me is coming up with questions that will allow a peek into my subjects life, which helps me get to know them. If I am photographing a married couple I love getting to know what the husband adores about his wife....and what the wife appreciates about her husband. Whether it's the dimple on her left cheek or the way he holds her hand when they cross a busy street....I want to capture just that!
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@alise Yes, I agree. I've had a lot of fun doing street photography and there are some shots I'm very happy with and others that are just missing something. It's always fun, though to challenge yourself and try and try again.
Thank you !!This is really a good tip for me when i am travelling and want to take photo of local people !
@yinofyang Indeed it is the hardest thing in photography, to see excatly what the stranger feel, and to get connect to them. But this challenge would over, if we know how to connecct with stranger. Do you agree?
@tapsamai Thank you for your comment and sharing your experiences. I believe taking photo of your close friends would be easier compare with strangers because you already have a bounding with them. But with stranger, a lot of more effort would be need in order to do it.
Yes, indeed. Street photography can be so challenging because of that aspect. It's always interesting to see how we can connect with strangers.
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