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Hello! :D <3
Before we get started, this fanfic is special custom to @falme2 for being the 3rd winner of my two truths and a lie card!
I think it's cute how @narutobandgeek and @falme2 share the same bias because I had to create two separate stories for them, but it has been a wonderful journey!
And shoutout to my first winner @ElishaFisher for loving JungKook, that story has led me to create a plot for an upcoming BTS fanfic! <3
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Please enjoy! :D
A faint sound beeping sound enters your pleasant false reality. “Babe, turn that off,” your voice is weak and soft. Your hands rub your eyes open but the movement sends a sharp pain down your lower back and into your toes. You groan at the pain and lay your hands back on your sides, staring at the white ceiling above.
<<Ah, that's right.... I'm in hell.>> you flick your eyes to the monitor besides you, watching the line spike and fall as it recorded the beating of your heart. You sigh and carefully move a hand to your thigh to scratch an itch.
Your fingers touch soft strands. You lean forward and see a mess of bright orange hair on the bed. <<You're killing me, Ji.>> A small smile sprouts on your face when you notice his back slowly raising and falling. His lips were parted and dried, the leftover eyeliner was faded to the point of almost being completely gone, and a bit of stubble peeked through his chin. <<How long have you been here?>> You press your lips into a thin line and carefully brush back a small lock of orange hair.
You reach slowly to the small table next to the bed and grab your sketch book. Applying pencil to paper, you begin to outline his face with soft strokes. Halfway through the sketch, you feel your leg start to go numb; you move your hips to shift your legs so the blood can continue to flow through your leg smoothly. The sudden movement makes Ji-Yong stir and open his eyes.
He shoots up with an alarmed expression, “What are you doing?”
“Drawing?” you produce a small smile.
“You should be resting so you can heal thoroughly!” he stands up and reaches for your sketchbook in attempt to snatch it out of your hands.
“I'm fine!” you cling it to your body and jerk your body away from his hands, making you flinch when pain shoots through your body once more.
“See? You're still vulnerable!”
“I'm not a child! Let me draw for goodness sakes!” you cry.
He sits back down with a sigh of defeat and stares at his feet. “Don't say that. Don't act tough in front of me. You're not a child but you are my girl, and I'm the reason why you're in this hellhole in the first place,” his expression darkened with guilt.
You set the sketchbook on your lap then grab his hand and press it to your cheek; his cool fingertips burning your hot skin. “It's not your fault darling, it's no one's fault but those who followed me that night.”
“But you're hurt! I wasn't allowed to see you for the longest time! I couldn't hear your voice, I couldn't see your smiling face, I couldn't listen to you rant about your day, and I couldn't sleep properly with your side of the bed being cold! All that was taken away because of them!” He exclaims angrily.
It was true.
You and Ji-Yong had a date night established earlier that week, and somehow the paparazzi got informed about the date. However, Ji-Yong had to stand you up for the date due to working extra late with the other members and the CEO. Understanding your boyfriend's position,you went on to the movies without him, but the paparazzi didn't know. When you walked out of the theater, they instantly swarmed you but became confused about Ji-Yong's absence and began to question you hysterically. When you wouldn't reply, some of the cameramen because so determined to make you talk that they started to follow you by car. You tried to shake them off by taking random roads but ended up getting rammed into an electricity post where the damage was pretty severe, leaving you banged up enough to be diagnosed with a concussion that made it difficult to maintain your balance.
You had been conscious in and out throughout the past few days, and during the whole time, Ji-Yong was there with you. Occasionally the other BigBang members would come in to visit when you'd be sleeping, thus leaving you with flowers and balloons that wished a fast recovery, but Ji-Yong had argued with the CEO enough to be granted permission to stay.
“Miss? Congratulations, you've been approved to be discharged later today! I'll get your things ready,” a nurse pokes her head through the door.
“I told you I was fine,” you kiss Ji-Yong's fingers.
He stands and leans in closely, making your heart jolt into a race. His eyes flicker to the monitor that gave away the reaction of your heart.
“I think it's broken,” you whisper softly.
“You sure about that?” he smirks and leans in closer. The monitor beeped louder and accelerated as he bent forward to plant a soft kiss on your lips. Ji-Yong pulls back when the monitor begins to get a little too excited and instead puts his hand over your heart to feel its vibration.
“I don't know what I would do if I lost this,” he smiles warmly.
Ji-Yong handles the paperwork and receives the medication from the doctor with multiple bows. On the way, he kept glancing over to you and asking if you were okay. You smile at him every time until you end up grabbing his hand and holding onto it until you arrive home. He opens your door and helps you out of the car.
“I can walk to the door, love,” you steady yourself with the car's door.
“No you can't, you're going to fall and hurt yourself even more,” his hands reached for your waist. You take a step forward then quickly regret your words when you let go of the car door and start to lose balance. Ji-Yong catches you before you lean to one side too far and holds you tightly. “I told you. Please, just listen to me.”
You cling to his body with all of your upper body strength, hiding your face in his chest when tears begin to emerge from your eyes and run down your face. “What if I never get better?” you croak.
He lifts your chin and stares into your eyes, “Stop. Don't you ever think like that okay? It's just going to take time to over come the concussion and regain stable balance. You heard what the doctor said, take it easy because your body is still bruised.”
You nod at his words and lean on him as he walks you slowly inside the door.
The BigBang members had surprised you with a wheelchair so you could still move around the house when Ji-Yong was at work. At first you hesitate to the idea of using it, but when it came to trying to use the bathroom, you had never felt so relieved to have such thought oppas.
With passing days, the pain had slowly eased, but your balance continued to take longer in the process of healing. After much thought of how to cook dinner, you find yourself in the kitchen, standing up and leaning against the counter for support. The spaghetti noodles were tender and ready to go, but opening the can of tomato sauce had become a problem.
“Damnit Ji, where are you when I need you the most?” you mumble as you struggle to unscrew the lid. The lid suddenly loosens up, your hand slips and flings the lid forward while the hand that held the jar jerks back with enough force to cause the sauce to spill onto you. “Seriously? This is the last thing I need.” You sigh as you put the jar on the counter then sit back on the wheelchair and push yourself to the bathroom to bathe.
“Babe, I'm home,” you hear Ji-Yong call out to you.
“In here,” you yell back.
“What are you- omo, are you okay! What happened?” he rushes to you when he sees the red stains on your shirt.
“I'm fine, I'm fine. I tried to make you dinner but ended up getting the dinner on myself,” you murmur. “I feel gross, love, so I'm going to take a bath.”
“Can you even get in the tub? Let me help,” he smiles kindly and rolls up his sleeves.
“No.” The thought of Ji-Yong seeing your bare body flashes in your mind and makes your cheeks turn bright pink.
“But how are you-”
“Babe, seriously-”
“No, no, no, that's hella embarrassing!”
“I'm not gonna look babe, trust me. I'll even put on a blind fold!” he smiles widely.
You cave, “fine, but you better put that blind fold on tight.”
Ji-Yong disappears for a moment then walks back in with a blind fold and hands it to you so you can wrap it for him. Once you double check that he couldn't see, Ji-Yong stands you up and helps you pull off your shirt. As you begin to slide down your shorts, his fingertips linger on your shoulder. He gulps then leans down and gently kisses the nape of your neck. You shudder with goosebumps.
“Sorry, I couldn't help it. I wanted to know if your skin was as soft on my lips as it is under my fingers,” he bit his lip and chuckled.
“K-kwon Ji-i-Yong. Focus, p-please. Or else I'm throwing you out,” your voice trembles.
Ji-Yong helps you bathe by washing your hair, he lays his head on top of his arms on the edge of the tub and listens to you hum while you pour water on yourself to wash away the soap.
Out of the tub, Ji-Yong dresses you back into regular clothes. “See? I told you I wouldn't look,” he smirks when you remove the blind fold. His hands were firmly on your hips to keep you from falling over. You smile and kiss his chin as a thank you.
By the end of the night, you're laying in bed with Ji-Yong's head on your chest and your fingers in his orange mess.
“I'm sorry for standing you up that night,” he whispers.
“I'm sorry for not being careful that night,” you whisper back.
Ji-Yong propped himself up on his elbow then stretches to kiss your forehead, “As long as I have you in my life, I can keep doing my best.”
You smile brightly, “I always knew that the G in your stage name stood for Gentle. Kwon Ji-Yong, the Gentle Dragon.”
He smiles back then bites his lip one more time before kissing you goodnight. <3
Thank you for reading! *bows*
Hope it was sweet enough to leave a permanent smile! :D @falme2 hope you liked it too! x)
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I loved it! @sailynn your amazing! I loved how you did everything, how gentle and sweet and kind he was. <3 this was such a great story! (o tried to comment the day it came out but for some reason my phone wouldn't let me ;_; I've read it five times tho! pure amazingness!
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