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Started his trip from Galicia, try some special local food in this region (Fish, Octopus and so on). Then head down to the south to experience the famous jamon (ham), enjoying flamenco music. After that head north to the capital of Catalunya. This video makes me want to go back to Spain so much!
cannot help myself dream another roadtrip because of this video :((
WOW!! A beautiful video !! This guy is awesome ! Watching some of his video just want me to travel more. it seems like he is a chef himself :)
@tapsamai definitely, I agree with you! There is nothing better than roadtrip, friends, and local food! But you forget, the beach and beers as well !!! I do not know how fun starts with, but i definitely everything ends with alcohol is always fun !!
LOVE THISssss!!!! im excited for all those flavros!! they look intenseeeee
definitely a must to do road trip, isnt it ? There is nothing would beat the roadtrip, local good food, and with your friends, isnt it??
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