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Daesung a man with full of secrets.

A man full of love.

Y'all ready for him...... Well here is your bias.

He brought smiles and laughter to his fans. But also brought love to the world.

Great performances. With a wonderful voice.

But why many people are saying he is ugly.... SERIOUSLY!???

well let's look deep.

He is gorgeous from the outside and definitely from the inside.

See that body. Even some of his members love his body.

The arms, The abs, that chest.

*let me chill*

Daesung: "Now I'm that cute....awwwww how sweet"

Taeyang and Daesung

T.O.P and Daesung

Seungri and Daesung

G-Dragon and Daesung

My two favorite songs from D-Lite

Ok so pleaseeee!!!! Watch this video. I know its BB songs. But its just Seungri and Daesung signing together only.

Thier voices!!!!! Especially Daesung. It blow my MIND!!!!!

A gift for my vingles who loves Daesung for who he is and what he is. I bet he thanks each and one of you for accepting him and loving him, don't matter any situations he will be in or was. Hope you all enjoy it and liked it.

Daesung's Lovers

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2 years ago·Reply
Not sure which number is 3, but I like that number, so I will go with 3
2 years ago·Reply
AW DAESUNG! I just love him so much! He's literally my sunshine and I love him and tbh the people that say he's ugly are just jealous of him and his beauty. He's been through a lot and ....I'm rambling sorreh
2 years ago·Reply
Awww, Daesung...what can I say. If I was a lot younger... he is one of my favs. Him and Taeyang. They are cute as speckled pups. After all he went through, and can still sing like that. He has my admiration.
2 years ago·Reply
personally I love his old dorky look but I will never give him up as my ub even if JB of got7 and Eunwoo of Astro are my bias wreckers. @JackieMurrayCab Ibsay it all the time only if I were 20 yrs younger I would have to go to jail proudly as a stalker. Daesung is like a disease that once you have it/him your stuck with it/him. He has been my ub since the day after the debuted. Big Bang became my ub group that same day. i have other groups i liked at the same time but BB caught my eye and my ears.
2 years ago·Reply