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My last Friday crush this month is the very cute and talented Jung Eun Ji!

Without any professional training, this Busan girl became the main singer of A Pink, and debuted in 2011.

She starred in the stage musicals of Legally Blonde (as Elle Woods) and the drama-turned musical Full House opposite Leo (Vixx).

I fell in love with her acting the first time I saw her opposite of Seo In Guk in "Reply 1997" - a drama about the lives of six friends growing up in Busan.
Her other dramas include "The Winter, The Wind Blows" where she played the younger sister of a blind woman who falls in love with a gambler/con artist; and "Trot Lovers" with Ji Hyun Woo, about a girl trying to become a successful Trot singer along side a songwriter/music producer who really hates Trot . (Trot in Korea is really old-fashioned pop music.)
Her most recent drama is "Sassy Go Go" (also known as "Cheer Up!"), where she played the leader of "Real King," a dance club of outcast students in an elite high school who are forced into learning cheerleading as a way to survive.
What I love about her on film is that she is somewhere between a sweetheart and a devil, plus she always has great chemistry with all the actors around her!

I leave this Female Crush Friday with "Promise U" from A Pink (music and lyrics by Eun Ji)

It has been so much fun with FCFs this month and the MCMs last month! Hope everyone has enjoyed them as much as I have. Thanks @kpopandkimchi and @VeronicaArtino!

Tagging fellow "crushers" :0)
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so good
2 years ago·Reply
I loved her in Reply 1997 and Sassy Go Go. Is Trot Lovers any good BTW because I have it on my list but don't know if it's any good or not.
2 years ago·Reply
@biancadanica98 I liked it more than I thought I would. Truthfully it's been awhile since I watched it so I don't remember the details. (Did I mention I have the worst memory ever? ) :-(
2 years ago·Reply
@JamiMilsap lol darn it, but if you liked it more than you thought you would. it must've been good.
2 years ago·Reply
Eun Ji is so awesome!!!! She's a master of all trades!!
2 years ago·Reply