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They been together the longest and still going strong, Debuting in 1998.
Debut song, Hae Gyul Sa MV and the Live version.
Shinwha now 18 years later since debut and i still love these men. Friendship goals. Longest running kpop group. Plus i dont feel guilty fangirling over them since they are all older then me xD.
Last years comeback Shinwa-Sniper. My bias is Jun Jin. Im posting this card cause i hardly see anyone do it so i will since i love this group. Show people how far this group came since debut. 18 yrs together and still close as ever. March of this year they are holding a solo concert for there 18th anniversary. Love this group. Hope you enjoy.
OMG I LOVE THEM! They're one of my top bias groups. Hyesung is my bias.....but if I'm being honest, I adore them all ♥
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