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Game made by @jessicaacosta90 I will finish the whole thing today!!!
1. Junho kinda weird to just, you know, aww hell... 2. Please don't break my HDMI cord. Or my TV. Or my console. 3. Congratulations on being violent!!!
4. *see #3* 5. I fight dirty. Uppercuts and low blows. Good Luck!! 6. Are you trying to show off after that weird hugging thingy?
7. Please let this be better than that bento box. Pleeeaaasssee!?!? 8. Why? Why do yall like taking my food?! 9. Thanks. Have a cookie.
10. What the heck?!?! seriously?!?! Not your house. Stun gun remember. STUN. GUN. 11. What else would I do, invite him in? 12. He probably said scary. Stun guns do that to people.
13. He's embarrassed. 14. Is this like some twisted apology for walking in on me? 15. OMG you're ruining my already nonexistent sleep pattern.
16. Your whole life better be in that bag. 17. BYE!!!! 18. I must be going to war in those boots.
19. You are not the boss of me!! 20. Zut Alors!! Je ne veux pas. 21. This guy kept talking about how pretty you looked: Thank you. Now what do you want?
22. This one finished first, and had to leave for an errand, so he gave you a cheek kiss: What the hell? ... have a nice day? 23. After cleaning up and getting ready to leave, this guy said that it was his turn to take you to college: Why so you can oddly hug me again? 24. You went back by train again, but this time, this guy was waiting for you in front of your apartment: Don't you have responsibilities? Like a job? A pet? anything?
25. He dragged you along with him to somewhere, but then this guy showed up: Here we go. #ThunderBuddies: @JaiiPanda @jessicaacosta90 @ashleyemmert @KhrystinaLee @EliseB @DianaBelle @isolate
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"I must be going to war in those boots." LOL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚