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I'm going with Disturbed down with the sickness! Keep in mind this song represent you and gets you hyped and also the crowd! Lol yup, I'm talking like Monday Night Raw and when the song drops everyone knows you mean business because you are a BOSS!

What about you!? Everyone on Vingle jump in and have some fun! Invite some friends!

L A Von Dangerous
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Hello Bitches by CL~
2 years ago·Reply
Bestfriend... Or hotline bling
2 years ago·Reply
Or watch out lil bihh
2 years ago·Reply
RETURN OF THE MACK. Just because that song is equal parts epic and horrible lol
2 years ago·Reply
Tom's Diner by Suzanne Vega...the earworm from Hell. >:D
2 years ago·Reply