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As many of us have known that food scandals in China with related to chemical in order to help preserve the food more longer. And as many of us have known about the Asian society, in which if you have an University, but decide to come back to countryside to do farming. You would be considered as an insane person. Aftermath of any such situation, new movements are born. This story is about Ms.Yand, an young University graduate student, who decided to return to her hometown in Yunna Province of China. In an effort to bring healthy and organic food to their neighboorhoods. After graduating from University and working in business, she found a way to go back to the farm and fight for healthy and organic food. This inspiring story shares a hopeful future for food in China. Created by: theperennialplate.com
Yah I did hear about that scandal about milk in China as well!! that is crazy !! Really sad to hear about that
I did hear a story about the powder milk for children few years ago that killed around 80 children. That was really sad to read about that story, China is moving so fast that leads to her people would do anything just to earn more money. Money driving society that harms their own society. I am really glad to watch this video about Ms.Yand. Eventhough, she is only the rare case in China, but I believe someday more young chinese would follow her lead, and change the image of China, not only about quality of food, but everthing else as well :)
I myself would be inspired by this girl. However, in reality, I would consider her a insane person !! Ironic to say, but it is sad true in Asian society nowadays. Different with western society, when you are on your own as long as you are 18. Thus, your life is independence with your family, you do not feel any burden from parents, and they feel the same for you. However, in Asia society, it would be different story, You owe your parents your life, and what your parents want from you is a stable job to secure your life as well as your family later. And for what they think, farming is not a secure job, which you have depends too much on the weather and so on.
Such an inspiration story ! I did talk with few Asians from China, and Vietnam in my Uni, they did say the same that to have a Uni degree but going to countryside for farming, would consider as a loser in this such a society ! But I believe in near future, those people like her would change the thought of youth generation of china :)