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"So thats why I'm their maid" YeonHee explains as _____ stares at the guys. "Hahah wow really? Thats cool" she says enthusiastically . YeonHee was so thankful ____ had bought the story they were sons of rich business men. ____ watched the three, The moment she walked in she saw the tension between D.O, Chanyeol and YeonHee. She reminded herself that she had to talk about that later. "So your doing your family business?" Suho asks changing the subjects. "Sadly yes." She says sighing out loud. "What did you say you wanted to be?" Baekhyun asks, she looks at him and smiles sadly. "My dream was to become an artist, in music..i love to sing and dance. I was hoping to get into the kpop industry which is why im getting my self more involved into the kpop world ya know? That's why i don't know much about groups and all that..." she admits. "Why the sad face?" YeonHee asks worried for her fiend, she was one of the brightest person she knew, her being depressed made her itch with worry. "Its getting there (to my dream) thats the problem...i don't think i can make it" she states, Suho stares at her face "have you auditioned?" He asks to who she nods a no. "I hope to though, which is why I'm back in korea. I wanna give my dream a shot" she says smiling wide. "Never give up on your dreams ___" Kai says patting her head messing up her hair a bit. "Heh, thanks Kai...sorry for boring you guys" she says apologetically scratching her neck embarrassed. "No, no your not boring us! Infact we want to help you!" Chanyeol blurts out, the members look at him with a 'what are you doing face' "Really? How?" She asks suprrised. "We are....uh.." Chanyeol rethinks his words under Suho's intense stare. "We are trying to become stars too...so we can practice together to acive our dreams together" he explains gaining a giggle fom the girl. 'Gosh Chanyeol, this is so going to bite you in the ass!' He thought to himself, admiring _____ smiling face. "Really?! That's amazing!! I would love that Chanyeol! I hope we can both achieve our dreams!!" She says, the sound of his name comming from her sent him into a frenzy. He couldn't think straight anymore. "Well, if ____ is going to be spending time here can you help me Ya know clean? These guys can get teally dirty sometimes..." ______ laughs nodding enthusiastically. "Yay! We have two maids!!" Baekhyun cheers pulling the surprised girl in for a bone crushing hug. "Wait...we need a nickname for you dont we? Hmmm." Baekhyun starts thinking hard. "How about gwiyeoun tedi beeo?" D.O asks innocently. "Cute Teddy Bear?" _____ questions, her cheeks burning. "Ya! I see it now!! I agreee!! gwiyeoun tedi beeo it is!" Baekhyun says clapping his hands. "Awww so cute!" YeonHee says squishing her cheeks making her squeal cutely. "Oh gosh look at the time!! I need to go!!" ____ says grabbing her belongings. "Hey can you come tomorrow? I wanna hang out with your more" Sehun asks blushing, realizing what he said he quickly looks away. Before _______ can answer YeonHee interrupts "hell no! Tomorow we are having a girls night!! So i cant work tomorrow" she declares. "So its fine if its extra dirty the next day?" Chanyeol threatens "then i will help her clean!! Please give her a day off tomorrow oppa!!" ____ begs, the guys hearts nearly leap out of there mouths when she says oppa "oh sorry! I shouldnt have called you opp-" "No its ine, YeonHee you have a day off" Suho says blushing at the sight of _____ begging not to mention her calling them Oppa. "Can i tag along?" Kai says smirking as Sehun punches his shoulder roughly. "If you can tag along, so can i!" Sehun retorts childishly making ____ giggle at the sight of the two maknae's fighing. "Its a girls night, dummy! No boys allowed! And thank you Suho Hyung, i will work extra hard the day after!! Fighting!!" She bows respectively , as ____ hurries doing the same. Soon the two girls rush out of the house. "Wow....do you think we ca-" "dont even think about spying on them Baekhyun" D.O says strictly leaving the room to his own. "*sigh* its going to be boring without incheon girl here" Sehun sighes out. ____________________________________ Hope you enjoyed!! Next Chapter: ______ and YeonHee finally have a girl chat for a long time, talking about school, boys, and kpop. Cathching up on everything makes _____ realize how much they and things have changed! Tags: @tiffany1922