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Aw. n
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dont want !!! ... awaiting rescue squad in hot bikinis @cheerfulcallie @shoenami @YinofYang ...
I'm not part of this hot bikini rescue squad, am I? (O_O) Ahahahahaha!
ehh, me?? *stands there finishing off my mocha frappe*....HOT Bikini squad? @YinofYang ....you HUSH!!! its not an everyday thing that we're recognized as hotties, (*_*).....@oj1992 why are you under that table? ill rescue you, if you promise to buy me a bubble tea drink afterwards...(*_*)....as per the quote, *sigh*...i agree with oj1992, dimming the lights would help, lolz... but overall speaking your mind is always difficult sometimes especially in person, so i suggest writing to them b/c it becomes less personal...thats what i would do and besides, i feel as if i get my feelings across more often that way...
Yeah, I don't do bikinis. I'll do shorts and a t-shirt. :D Rofl! You two bubble tea fanatics.