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I don't understand this either
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I'm a bigger DBZ fan but I don't really like vegeta, I like sasuke better
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I hate Sasuke, he's a butt. I think he needs to grow ul and stop being so juvinial. I've always wondered why Sakura stuck by his side, he has even tried to KILL HER!! Well, now that my rant is over, have a fantastic day!
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I think it's because Vegeta is a more open and more easily read character than Sasuke. like Sasuke just seems so indifferent, moody, and dark about everything. Vegeta is just a more animated character so people like him more
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Vegeta will always be above him in everything. How can you not love Vegeta more!!!
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Vegeta actually has character, and learns from his fuck ups, as well as showing MASSIVE character development from start to present, even showing open love for Bulma. Sasuke never learns, never gets punished, has everything handed to him, and only shows a semi likable character in the Boruto movie, which is a piece of shit.
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