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Well, you are going to learn today!
This is how it starts
You get ready..
You have your best Friday night face on!
You hit the bar solo. Sorry Superman, Batman is at some gala dude.
Then Saturday comes and you are like this..
You get up from that super hang over and you realize that Monday is coming.
Then it is herrreeee! Get back to work lmfao! The joys of being an adult. But I do feel bad for Superman, what a drag! @danidee @shannonl5 @butterflyblu @nobankai @MoisEsGaray @CreeTheOtaku @BelleofRay @DaiGakuSei @redapple615

Lol If some of you don't work, you might not understand how freaking fast the weekend goes and then you drag ass to get to next Friday!

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Hey, college classes are a close equivalent. Homework literally takes hours to do ╥﹏╥
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Lmao that picture of Superman at the bar is giving me life right now.
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last night's episode of Supergirl Jimmie Olsen told Supergirl that she was faster than her cousin.....
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I don't even get Saturdays off :( #MailmanProblems
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