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For some brides, wedding floral planning can be a real downer. After you've sifted through thousands of posts on social media, browsed through hundreds of magazine pages--you're left still wondering--Now what?!
I think this type of stress comes from stress. There's a lot of second-guessing. You're wondering what everyone else thinks. It takes a lot of guts to go with a choice that you are confident about. So many of the wedding decisions really come down to that.
I share these stunning pink and fuchsia calla lilies with you today to jump-start your approach to confidence. Have you ever seen so many beautiful pink flowers in your life? And the best part is, there isn't a rose or peony or dahlia or ranunculus in sight!
One of the great benefits of going with a tropical like this is that its sleek and elegant silhouette does well on its own as a single flower, or clumped together. These also come in a dazzling array of dramatic colors. Some are even two-toned. Brides who are exhausted trying to find the perfect "black rose" may be better off with black callas. They're darker, richer and longer-lasting!
Point of this post is to inspire you and get you to think outside the box. Also, when you find something truly remarkable--trust your gut and go out with confidence!
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