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Nobody loves nude lip coverage more than yours truly! With that, I automatically assume (though I shouldn't), that you all are equally ecstatic with the same thing! These colors are actually a bit more brown and pigmented than a "nude" but they still qualify as a nude nonetheless. (We can discuss that later.)
So, thanks to DupeThat, on Insta, you can easily see the similarities and differences between makeup brands. It's astonishing just how near-identical these colors are! What you do not see, in this comparison, however, is the depth of coverage. Meaning, how light or pigmented these are. Some will require more or less.
But when you compare the cost of Colourpop "Taurus" of $5 with Dose of Colors' "Cork" for $18, it immediately becomes clear which one I'd go for. Because, despite my EXPENSIVE TASTE in my LOTD cards, I am not a brand whore. I go with styles and colors that I like. Makeup is a money pit; don't get caught emptying your bank account for cosmetics!!!
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