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Since some of the writing is small the whole story I typed it so you can enjoy all the cuteness❤ Art done by Rboz❤

Gajeel: Shoobedon! Hmmm? Guh.... N-nothing again, huh? *Sigh*... Thank You... Huh. No way! No way! D-did they really?! Its real money this time!!! Who? Who was it?! I need to know so I can.... So I can write a- song.... Gajeel & Levy see each other for the first time❤!!!!! Mash: Heeeey! Gajeel! I got some bread for us to eat, aren't you hungry? Gajeel: Mash? *GRROOOWWL* Mash: Hehehe, you can't lie to your stomach! Pfftt! Gajeel: It wasn't that funny, bastard! Erza: Did you find your first mission enjoyable Levy? Levy: Yeah! It was really fun! Gajeel: I got a huge tip today! We can buy some meat! Mash: Someone liked your songs?! Levy: I got a rare book as a reward too! I can't wait to read it! Erza: Really? I'm happy for you. *She's adorable* *Gajeel wakes up to present day* Gajeel: She came back. Levy: Gajeel! Lily! I'm here! Guys! We need to hurry if were going to catch the first train! There's a book fair I want to go in the next town... Shall we get going? Gajeel: Levy.... You.... Levy: ? Umm d-do you want to tell me something? *Blushes* Gajeel: Huh? Lily: Here they go again. Gajeel: Nah, I was just wondering if you got smaller, Gihee. Levy: I hate you. I'll wait for the two of you at the station, don't be late. Gajeel: Gihee, You don't hate me Levy you love me! Levy: Yeah, yeah, I do. Why can't you flirt like a normal person, Gajeel? Gajeel: Lily! I thought of something great!! Lily: Shall I worry about this? Gajeel: I'll write her a song. I want to propose to Lev like that. I want to stay by her side.... I'll ask her to be mine Lily. Lily: That's oddly romantic coming from you, I must say... but i really think it fits your style, Gajeel. Gajeel: That's why you're my cat. Gihee. She'll fall even more in love with me after this I'm sure! Lily: Or she'll run away from you. Gajeel & Lily (..........) Gajeel: Don't say that dammit! She'll love this! She likes my voice! Lily: Sorry! Sorry! You get so cute when you talk about her so- Gajeel: Oh, Shut up Lily!

The End❤

aww such a cute story 💕💕💕💖💖💖
I love these stories
awwwaaa... so sweet. 💞💞💞💞💞💞
I want this to happen
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