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at the arcade... do people go to arcades in the U.S? here it's a very common thing to go after school/ work to arcades and super fun !
@Ticasensei @ShinigamiSan there's a couple of places in New York called Barcade where they have some classic arcade machines, and they serve beer, so I have seen some action in those spots. I have fun there, anyway.
@Ticasensei In that case I will steer clear. Thank you for the info.
@Ticasensei Oh I see. It must be nice to have a few everywhere though. I wish it was more common. It's a relatively inexpensive and fun way to spend time with friends. ^^
There are few in my college town! Right near where I live. But they are harder to find in suburbs. Cities seem to have at least one!
@Ticasensei Ooh korea would be a hard sell for my gf. She hates K-pop... 馃槙 Bummer...
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