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at the arcade... do people go to arcades in the U.S? here it's a very common thing to go after school/ work to arcades and super fun !
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@shagnasty360 I have not seen any of those here. most popular is soju and cass/ cass beats. either way I don't drink I taste it once, they sell it at the 7 eleven and it's different flavors.
@Ticasensei Sorry. I was comparing Korea's soju to America's Thunderbird or Mad Dog. My syntax must be a little off.
@shagnasty360 oh thats american beer? him then it would be maybe like smirnoff, less bubbly and pretty strong. from what my friends tell me it gives a bad hangover the next day, like most cheap liquor lol
@Ticasensei In that case I will steer clear. Thank you for the info.
@shagnasty360 people drink it because it's cheap and taste alright. it's strong. but yeah steer clear