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Chapter 3

Peyton was in her office looking at her phone. Two days ago she spent a day with Bangtan and was able to get to know each boy behind the idol image. The one that she felt close to was Yoongi, known as Suga. After the performances at the multiple music shows, the boys practice some more. When they took breaks Yoongi would sit next to her and talk about multiple things. They talked about photography along with what her favorite type of music she loved listening to. Of course her favorite type of music was hip pop. Though she didn't listen Bangtan enough to know their songs. She was more of a B.A.P fan. Another topic that they both shared was spending time with family. However, she didn't spend that much time with her family as she was always busy and her parents haven't spoken with her since her almost wedding with an already married man.

After that day she spent with the boys, she thought about the offer more and she gave herself a "D-Day" that way she could make up her mind. Well that was two days ago and here she was looking at the phone. She was nervous along with trying to figure out what to say.

'Whatever I say probably won't matter.' Peyton said to herself as she dialed the number to BigHit. The phone rang and after the 5th time she was ready to hung up thinking that this whole thing was a waste.

"Hello this is BigHit Entertainment; how may I help you?" said a young female voice.

"Hello I am Peyton from Peyton's Photography. I am calling about an offer that was given to me a few weeks ago." Peyton said to the other person on that other line.

"Oh yes about that I will have to transfer you to the sectary to speak to Bang Si-Hyuk." Before Peyton had time to say thank you she was being transferred. How did she know? Well it was not hard to know that the only group that BigHit has right now was Bangtan. Plus, while she was being transferred she was taping her figure to Bangtan's latest song Run.

"Hello this is Mr. Bang's sectary how may I help you?" Peyton was so entranced with the song that she jumped when the sectary spoke. Peyton repeated with what she said before she was transferred. The sectary told Peyton to hold while she was letting Mr. Bang Si-Hyuk know that she was calling. Sighing Peyton though that it would have been best if she went this morning instead of calling.

After five minutes Peyton thought that she lost connection as she was waiting. Soon the sectary came back and told that she was transferring her to Mr. Bang Si-Hyuk's phone. Peyton was really regretting that she called.

Soon Mr. Bang picked up and she repeated yet again what she said to other two people when she called. They talked small talk, with him asking her how her day that she spent with Bangtan went. She told him that she had a great time and that she was able to know who they really were behind the idol image. He told her that was one of the reasons why he was so happy to have a group like them at his company.

"Now about that offer that I called to talk about a few weeks ago. I would like to add more to the offer." Si-Hyuk said.

"What do you have in mind?" She asked him curiously.

"How would you feel after the world tour to be the boy's personal photographer. I know that you will be taking photos of the boys during the tour, but after the tour you can take their photos when they are backstage along with when they have schedules you can keep their fans up to date on what they are doing." Si-Hyuk said to her.

"What I could, since the tour is 3 months long, I can think more about the extended offer and get back to you." Peyton said and thought it was best if she thought about it more. There was silence on the other end and she was worried that she it was something that she said. She knew that she had to be professional about things like this.

"Miss Yoon I believe we can do that and discuss more about this when the tour is over. Now what I want you to do is to come tomorrow that was can discuss a contract for the time you will be with the boys during the world tour. How does 2:00 o'clock sound?" Peyton looked at her calendar to see if she was free. She had a few appointments, but that was nothing scheduled around two and after.

"Mr. Bang I am free around that time. I will see you then." She said and he told her goodbye. Once he hung up she turned her phone off and placed it on her desk. Closing her eyes trying to calm her heart that she had no idea that it was racing. She sat like that for some time that she had no idea that Jong walked in along with someone following behind.

Seeing Peyton with her eyes closed, Jong could not help, but walk up behind her. When he walked behind her he could not resist, but poke her sides. Peyton's eyes shot open as she jumped up and punched Jong.

"Ow that hurt!" Jong shouted and had tears in his eyes.

"Well don't do that then." Peyton said and noticed movement out of the corner of her eye. She turned and looked to see Yoongi standing by the door way of her office. He felt awkward just standing there. "Jong why didn't tell me that Yoongi was here?" she punched him again and this time he dodged her punch.

"Well you looked like you were asleep and so I will leave you two alone while I go and work on whatever I need to work on. Bye hon." Jong walked out with a wave and a kissy face to Peyton. When Jong was gone Peyton walked over to Yoongi who looked like he was out of place. Peyton noticed that his hair color changed from pink to mint green. He was wearing glasses and was wearing normal jeans, t-shirt, hooded sweatshirt, and a benne. He didn't look like an idol, he looked more like a student learning about photography.

"So what brings you here?" She asked and noticed that he had a camera in his hands.

"I was going to take that offer and have you look at my camera." He told her. Peyton smiled and held her hand. He looked at her and then her hand then back at her with a questioning look.

"I can take your camera and have a look at it." She said with a smile. Yoongi smiled back and handed her his camera. She took the camera and walked back to her desk. Seeing the camera that he had, Peyton plugged it into her computer and noticed that the problem that he was having was that his memory was full.

Yoongi was looking around her office seeing all the photos that she took. He noticed that a lot of her photos were of sunsets and of the Gyeongbokgung Palace. There were a few photos of her and Jong. He looked over at her as she worked on his camera. Yoongi was once again entranced by her as she worked. He watched as she bite her bottom lip and her fingers doing that circle thing again. She was so in tuned with working on her computer that she didn't notice that he was watching her.

"So your memory card is full, would you be ok with me looking through your photos? Maybe you can look with me and you can pick which ones you would like to have printed out." She said and looked right at him.

"Sure I can come up and look at the photos." He said and trying to remember what she said. Walking up to her desk he stood in front, but she told him to come around behind her to look. Yoongi felt nervous by just standing behind her. He never felt this way before until he met Peyton.

They looked at the photos that he took and Peyton praised him on a few photos he took. He told her some stories on a few photos. One was when Bangtan was in Russia and they were eating at a Korean restaurant. He told her what Namjoon did when he was trying to grill some meat for everyone. She laughed when he told her that Namjoon almost caught Yoongi in fire. Peyton told him that she could see Namjoon doing that. Yoongi warned her when the tour starts to stay away from Namjoon as he would break something or set her on fire as well.

"Well here are the photos you wanted and the rest are on a disk that way if you want to go and get them printed you have a disk to access them." Peyton told him as the photos were printing out.

"How long have you been a photographer?" Yoongi asked.

"Well professionally I have been for 3 years now. Though before that I started when I was in middle school. My mother was big into photography and was always taking photos of anything that caught her eye. Just watching her made me want to do the same." Looking up at Yoongi as she told him, Yoongi notice the spark in her eyes as she shared something personal.

He smiled and told her that he just got into photography as a hobby. Of course he was still learning. Peyton offered to teach him like she taught Jong, while they were on the tour.

"I would like that. Learning something new and something that can help me. I'm just into taking photos of anything, but taking selcas I'm still getting used to." He told her. Peyton laughed and told him that they only time she would take selcas was when Jong was asking her. Which that was on a daily base.

While the two talked a figured walked through the front door. The bell rang and Jong walked out to see who it was.

"I'm sorry, but you need to leave." Jong said to the customer who entered.

"I have the right to come in if I want to. Like I have to the right to see Peyton." The mysterious person said and walked to where Peyton's office was located. This person stopped when he noticed that she was with someone. He did not like the idea that she was with someone and was smiling to what that person said to her.

"So since you fixed my camera and also printed out some of my photos, how would you like to come to my studio to hear this new song I am working on?" Yoongi asked. Again he was nervous and had no idea what he was truly saying. He never shared what he worked on to any one unless it was Hoseok and Namjoon.

"Well I will be at BigHit tomorrow to talk with Bang Si-Hyuk and if there is time I would like to listen to this new song of yours." She said and if Yoongi could smile any bigger he would. He was so happy to hear that she agreed to listen to his music.

"She will have go another day." Said the visitor that was standing in her doorway of Peyton's office.

Peyton looked to see who it was and she went still. Yoongi noticed this and somehow without knowing he felt the need to protect her.

"Well she will already be in the same building as me and I don't see the problem with her listening to my music." Yoongi said. Peyton took a step toward the man and then looked at Yoongi telling him that she would see him tomorrow.

Yoongi was dumbfounded at what she said. He thought that she would tell the man to go away. Yoongi however closed his eyes trying to not say anything as he grabbed his camera and walked out.

Yoongi was pissed and he had no idea why he was so pissed. As much as he tried he told her that she didn't have to come and that to have fun with the man, who was taller than him, instead. When he was out and in his car he regretted saying that to her. Hitting his steering wheel, he turned on his car and drove off.

Peyton watched as Yoongi walked out and drove off. She felt as if she hurt him in some way. She had no idea why he said those things to her. Hell Yoongi had no idea why he said that to her in the first place.

"So I see that you have moved on."

"You need to go. I have already told you that I would never speak to you let alone take your family photos. I already contacted someone who has more experience then me who can take them for you. Now leave." She told the man who lied to her from the first day that they met. He was the man you broke her and her family apart when he told her that he was married, but was planning on leaving his wife. Peyton told him to go back to his wife never contact her again. Well he never listened since he was right in front of her now.

"Why do you have to be so mean to me Peyton? I was only wanting to have my family photo taken by you. To show that I have listened to what you asked me to do." He said as he touched her cheek.

"Well you didn't listen when I told you to never contact me again." She told him smacking his hand away. "Now leave I have a schedule to work on for the next few months." Peyton walked away and closed her door. Jong who walked over when her door closed grabbed the man by the arm and led him outside.

"Tell her I will be coming back soon in hopes that she agrees." He told Jong and then walked out.

Peyton sat in her chair and made sure that he was gone. When his car was no long visible she put her head down in hopes that soon she would forget that he even existed.

The next day Yoongi was in Bangtan's studio at BigHit working on a song with the rest of the rap team. They worked on the song and worked on what needed fixed or added to it.

"So I hear that Peyton noona is going to be with us on our tour." Namjoon said stretching as he walked around the small studio.

"Yeah isn't great! She'll have a blast being around us and we'll share many memories with her." Hoseok said in his happy go lucky way. Yoongi on the other hand was trying to not think about her. He was still irritated with the way she acted with him last night. However, he was more pissed off with the way he acted around her. Plus, he was worried about who that guy was who made her go all cold.

"What do you think hyung?" Namjoon asked Yoongi.

"Think about what?" Yoongi asked without looking at the other two.

"About noona joining us for the tour." Namjoon explained to Yoongi.

Before Yoongi could reply back there was a knock at the door, Namjoon walked over and opened the door. Bang Si-Hyuk entered with Peyton not far behind. The three boys stood up and bowed in respected to Si-Hyuk as he entered. Peyton and Yoongi locked eyes for a second before Yoongi looked away.

"As you boys know Peyton will be working with you during the world tour. I am hoping that if everything goes well then there may be a chance that Miss Yoon can work with us full time as your photographer during your schedules. Since she is here now I hope that you guys can show her how things work around here within your studio." With that Si-Hyuk left leaving Peyton alone with the boys.

Hoseok walked up to Peyton giving her his cheeky grin that no one could help, but smile along with him. He asked how she liked the studio and she replied back telling him that she liked how they personalized the studio as their own. She even told them on how her office was personalized with her favorite photos that she took along with a hint of her best friend putting his favorite color in her office.

"What is his favorite color that he put in your office?" Namjoon asked.

"Pink, my least favorite color." She told him and smiled at the memory of her fighting with Jong about putting pink in her office. Of course he said he would not touch her office, though he did the next day with a pink desk chair.

"There is nothing wrong with pink." Hoseok said and then walked out when his phone went off.

"So how are you best friends with a guy? I mean how does that work?" Namjoon asked ever so curious to know someone new.

"Well we only ever thought about how to support each other through tough times. There was one time that he pretended to be my boyfriend throughout high school. I had a hard time with all the boys in school looking at me. I grow anxious over the years on how I looked. To the day I still fell anxious about it." She shared with them.

Yoongi was still working and was thinking on why she was so opened around the others, but not when it was just him. When Peyton said that the room was silent until Hoseok grabbed Namjoon for a CF filming. When they left Yoongi was having a hard time concentrating as he kept thinking on why Peyton was so anxious about people looking at her.

"So why are you anxious about the way others look at you?" He asked as the curiosity grew on him.

"My grandmother told me when I was younger that my beauty would be a curse as I grew older. I didn't believe until I was in high school." She told him. He felt happy as she opened up to him.

She looked at him and he looked at her. She started to feel anxious and wanted to look away. Peyton felt like she was being pulled into something that she as having a hard time trying to figure out what it exactly was. Peyton eventually looked away and tried to look busy on her phone.

"Your beauty is not a curse." Yoongi said breaking the silence.

"You may think that, but you have no idea what I went through." She said without looking up from her phone.

"Is that what happened with that man that showed up yesterday? Did he make you believe what your grandmother said?" Yoongi had a feeling that something bad happened between her and that guy that randomly showed up. What give him that idea was when that man showed up, Peyton went emotionless. She was happy and smiling and then went cold. That was how Yoongi could explain with how she changed so quickly.

"I understand you want to know what happened yesterday. However, I just met you and I don't feel like sharing my personal life with you." With that said, Peyton stood up and headed for the door. When her right hand reached out for the door handle, Yoongi grabbed her left wrist.

"I would say that I am sorry for asking, but I'm not. You will eventually will have to open up." Yoongi said.

The studio was small and the space that left room made both of them to stand pretty close. The anxious feeling started to build up again when Peyton realized that Yoongi was somewhat taller than her. She was up to his shoulders and she felt small just standing this close to him. Yoongi on the other was noticing just how small she was. He was trying to calculate on how tall she really was. Not only was he thinking that he also noticed how she was struggling with how close they were.

"Opening up to someone can help with the pain." Yoongi whispered breaking the silence.

"I do open up, but not to someone that I just met." Peyton said and Yoongi let go of her wrist when he saw in her eyes that she wanted to leave. Peyton walked out not even saying sorry or looking back.

Yoongi stood there and for what felt like the hundredth time, he felt dumbfounded with what just happened. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes before going back to the computer to start a new project.

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