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so ever since I posted my 100th completed anime, I've realized I never mentioned that last 100 since the beginning (hence this post xD) this was the very first anime I watched and completed, I know dragon ball super is still going on but, I still say that I completed it because I never miss an episode ha-ha (always caught up) anyways I just wanted to say how dear this anime is to me simply because it was my first and lead me to watch much more ^.^ to me it was a great anime, from dragon ball (which for me was so funny) to dragon ball super. highly recommended if you have the time, normally a really good started anime
in dragon ball z you could really see gokus training really kick in and it was nice to see him all grown up :) and ...well... he's pretty old now but xD he's still cool.
I tried doing this...well that hurt...
@InVinsybll I think you should probably view both, cuz thug life. unless you wanna be just further along with Super then just stick with the manga :)
awesome! I love DBZ. definitely one of the core anime of my youth. I stay up to date with the Super manga, but I feel like I should just watch the anime instead
my very first anime I ever watched and all the episodes were awesome