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This is about a month late but I'm finally updating!!!! I'll try to be more frequent but school is a thing lol.
Jin took another deep breath as he sat in his dressing room. The time was finally here. After all that he'd been through he'd finally made it. He could bask in this moment not really believing it was really happening.
Who knew he would get scouted by just walking on the street? He definitely never imagined it would be this easy. From that point on his life was like a roller coaster. After meeting his fellow trainees, that were all younger than him, he actually felt like a part of something. Things didn't seem like it could get better, well not until he and his closest trainee friends; Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung were chosen to debut together as a four member singer group with the name BTS.
Jin checked his pink flip-phone to distract him from the buterflies looming in his stomach. He had two messages. Jin smiled at the one from Junghoe and opened it immediately in hope.
Junghoe: Hey don't forget to pick up my beers. We're all out.
Jin let his smile fall as he slowly typed "Yeah sure." Reluctantly he added "I love you." He had been with Junghoe for a few months now. There wasn't much to say except that Jin was starved of love and he was the first person to seem to care. The relationship definitely wasn't the best. Junghoe was a drunk, treated Jin like a dog and disrespected him. So why did he stay?
Jin asked himself that every day after Junghoe first struck him. He had gotten so drunk that when Jin tried to snatch the 10th beer he was attempting to gulp down when he struck him across the face knocking him off his feet. Jin could only shield himself from the relentless blows. It would only end when the man would pass out leaving Jin to care for his wounds.
But he would never tell a soul. Even though Taehyung would always point out a bruise and Jin would just shrug it off with another excuse. Jin didn't know what held his tongue. It would be so easy. Then all the pain would just go away. But deep down Jin knew why. He decided a long time ago that nothing in this world was worse than the pain of feeling alone.......
Jin jumped in his seat as his phone vibrated once again. He hastily opened it and saw that it was another message from Jimin.
Jiminnie: Hyung!! The opening act is starting now. Come check it out!! These guys aren't half bad.
Jin smiled at the message and proceeded to join his friends. But not before checking his face in the mirror. The bruise hidden behind his make-up reminded him to not forget Junghoe's beers.
Namjoon took a deep breath as he gripped the microphone. He couldn't believe he was here right now. He was unbelievably nervous but it wasn't because he was on a stage about to perform for thousands of people. The stage was like home to him.
No, the immense feeling of uneasiness came from the one that Namjoon desired most in the world.....
The way he would always beam when Namjoon complimented him. God it was like he hung on every word that Namjoon said.
How his would always shy away when Namjoon caught him staring. Namjoon never admitted it but he thought it was the cutest thing.
And he could never forget those soft, plump lips. The way they would curve into a smile, so kissable.....
"Hey!! Get your head on straight."
Namjoon snapped out of his thoughts and looked to see Suga motioning for him to focus as the curtain rose. In an instant Namjoon was met with the many faces of the immense crowd as the spotlight fell on them. It was time. Everyone was watching but Namjoon only cared about one pair of eyes he hoped were watching him.
"Kim Seokjin...." Namjoon whispered the name quietly to himself and closed his eyes.
The words came with ease. He had put all of his feelings into this song but now that he was actually here......that Jin was actually here he couldn't make a mistake. He had something to prove and he was glad he could do it with his best friends.
When the last word left their mouth the crowd exploded into applause as they walked off the stage with an air of confidence. J-Hope squealed as he wrapped his arms around his Suga and Namjoon's shoulders. "That was awesome!!! Let's do it again!!!"
Namjoon smiled wide and Suga smirked. "We were pretty awesome weren't we? We're too good to have just been an opening act. I'll like to see that next group top tha-"
"You'd like us to what now?"
Suga was silent as three guys that were dressed similarly walked up to them. Namjoon knew that this was the band that Jin had joined. But where was he??
The shortest guy spoke up again. "Yah!! You were good but don't think you're all that."
Suga took a step towards the younger. "Watch your words pipsqueak. Don't you have any manners."
A brown haired guy grabbed the shortest shoulder. "Stop being rude Jimin. We shouldn't be making enemies before we've even debuted."
Jimin took one look at Suga before crossing his arms. "Fine. You better be glad my Jungkookie was here or you'll be in trouble."
Suga rolled his eyes. "Whatever. It's not like I was scar-" J-Hope placed his hand on Suga's shoulder making him quiet down.
Namjoon needed to know where Jin was. "Hey!! Jungkook was it? Isn't there supposed to be four of you?"
Jungkook smiled. "Oh you must be talking about-"
"Guys what are you doing?! We're on in five minut-" Jin stopped silenced by the scene in front of him.
Namjoon couldn't believe it. The moment was finally here. After all this time he and Jin were finally reunited. He was shocked into silence.
Jungkook not noticing the tense situation spoke up. "Hyung!!! You have to meet these guys. Their performance was amazing!!"
Jin's face curved into a smile but Namjoon only noticed the terror hidden in his eyes. "Nice to meet you all. I'm sorry I missed your performance but I'm sure you guys did great." He turned to his fellow groupmates. "Come on guys. We need to get on stage."
Jin walked briskly passed them not blinking twice. Namjoon reached out and grabbed Jin's hand. "Jin please."
Namjoon saw Jin's shoulders tense up at his touch. "Don't touch me." Jin's voice trembled as he kept his back to Namjoon. "Please let me go."
Namjoon reluctantly let go and Jin grabbed his own hand cradling it like it was a baby. Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung followed Jin but not before making the rappers promise to stay for their performance.
Namjoon looked at his hand that had grabbed Jin's. Why did Jin act like he didn't know him? Had he hurt Jin so bad that he actually erased him fron his memory? Namjoon immediately felt the same grief he did when Jin first left and now it had happened again.
J-Hope wrapped his arm around Namjoon's shoulder. "Come on RapMon. They're about to perform. Don't you want to see what these guys are capable of?"
Namjoon could only follow Suga and J-Hope as they made their way to see the debut performance of BTS.
Jin calmed his breathing as he closed his eyes. This couldn't be happening. Namjoon was the last person he expected to see. But it was weird. He somewhat felt relieved but also terrified. His past had finally caught up with him.
Taehyung placed a hand on his shoulder. "Hyung....are you alright?" The boy's face was stricken with worry.
Jin smiled. "Yah! Your hyung is tough. Don't worry about me."
Taehyung smiled reassured by his hyung's response. "Okay." He then noticed Jungkook was having trouble with his microphone and raced over to help the maknae.
As the boy left the smile on Jin's face slowly disappeared as he stared at the hand that Namjoon grabbed. "So soft........" Jin whispered as he stroked his hand.
Hope you all stay tuned for the next update. It'll be up more often hopefully :)
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