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SnackFever is a monthly subscription box of popular South Korean snacks. When I saw this months ago I got so excited. I thought they were a part of Dramafever. So I asked dramafever if they were affiliated and planed on working together. The reply I got was they weren't affiliated in anyway and didn't know about the company. A few weeks later I see they have come together they even have a coupon code Dramafever10 to get 10%off your first snackfever box! Long story short I guess I caught on too fast lol
Beautiful lol
Shindangdong Tteukbbokki: crispy fried rice cake chip that is sweet and spicy. When I say this is damn good omg it's damn good! Lol if you've ever walked into a bodega and that smell of all the food that hits you when you walk in that's what this tastes like to me lol Updated: I loved these so much I wanted to buy more but had no luck finding them. I asked Snackfever and they were nice enough to let me buy from them. I wanted four bags and they gave me an estimate of $16. I decided to buy the special white day box instead for that price so two boxes will be coming!
Ace Chocolato: ace cracker covered in chocolate Honestly this is one of the best things ever! The chocolate is so melt in your mouth creamy and cracker is buttery
Oh Dong Tong Myun: thick chewy noodles in spicy seafood broth. It was so cool to see they added a real piece of kelp to make broth. It smelled like the ocean (I hate seafood) it scared and intrigued me lol. At first I just didn't like it was very fishy, however I added some crushed garlic and ginger and it was delicious. I wouldn't buy this flavor myself though.
Chocopuff: crunchy chocolate bar made with tiny wheat balls covered in milk chocolate and cocoa powder. This confused me I saw zero chocolate it looks like a rice crispy treat and taste like it too. It has sort of a milky taste reminded me of the yam white chocolate. Idk what it was but after I ate this I got sick. Projectile vomiting is never a good thing. Sad because it was actually tasty.
Gogoma Kkang: sweet potato chips with sesame seeds for a hint of nuttiness. These are good like puffed rice or better yet the texture of an onion ring. Crispy with a hint of sweetness. This would be great if don't like things to sweet.
Custard sweet gold: custard cake with sweet potato filling. I have yet to try this I think this will be going to one of my brothers to try fist lol. Two came in the box so I'm good. UPDATES: This is a dry cake that's not very sweet. It has a sweet potato cream that's not much sweeter in the middle. It has an after taste that didn't sit well with my stomach so I pass on these .
Chilsung Cider: crisp lemon soda best served cold At this point my body can't handle anymore sugar lol. So I will update this card when I do! Updated: I loved this drink, not sweet at all but does have a lime flavor. It's seltzer I don't drink soda but love seltzer so this was right up my alley. Don't know what it has to do with cider though.
Green Tea Latte: green tea latte mix that dissolves in cold temperature. I was happy so to get this, you see this made in like every drama and I used to see it a lot in running man and infinite challenge. Saving this bad boy for the last week of cheese in the trap! Updated: Ok not a fan of this but I think I messed it up. I used hot water it says it dissolves in cold water. I may have used too little or too much water. It was very green with a creamy milk like consistency. A surprisingly nutty taste not sweet at all I have allergies so the nuttiness scared me.
Xylnos Candy: Assorted peppermint 3 layer candy made with xylitol and is sugar free! I was pleasantly surprised I tried the grapefruit flavor and it was quite refreshing. I don't know what sorcery they made this with but it felt like I had ice in my mouth. Towards the middle of the candy it's cold like ice I kept flipping it to feel one warm side and the other cold on my tounge.
Ghana milk chocolate: lotte's most popular chocolate . This is way better than a Hershey bar in my opinion. And the packaging is resealable,like hello America get with it!
Farmer's pomegranate crunch: crunchy cereal bar with tiny wheat rice balls covered in white chocolate. I opened this and it looked just like the chocopuff so I closed it and put it back in the box lol. It smelled the same too I don't need to relive that moment lol.
All in all I enjoyed my box! My favorite things are the ace chocolate cracker Tteukbbokki and the Ghana chocolate bar. If you got the box what was your favorite or least favorite thing in this box?
I got mine yesterday and we got the same stuff😆😆
i just got mine!!! tho i'm still working kn the snacks from the jan box, n everything i bought in chicago's chinatown. i think i am set on snacks for the moment!
Ours came yesterday too - yummy stuff this month! They are coming out with a new Deluxe box for an extra $19 a month so $40 total - 4 lb box and is supposed to start having merch in it. :)
@Molang4ever the mini box is $12 the original is $20 $18 if you use a coupon code and the deluxe is $40
how much did this box cost?
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