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The Croatoan Virus is a demonic virus that infects people and turns them into murderous zombie-like creatures with varying degrees of intelligence, ranging from cruel and cunning to savage and mindless. It is transmitted through blood to blood contact. However Sam Winchester is shown to be immune to its effect. Lucifer, Azazel, and Pestilence hoped to use this virus to wreak havoc on Earth during the Apocalypse, but it was averted by Sam, Bobby, Dean and Castiel. Those with demon blood are immune.
The virus is spread by blood to blood contact and usually takes three to four hours for the symptoms and sulfur to manifest. However, Sam, who had blood contact with one of the infected people , showed none of the symptoms, even after five hours following his infection. When the doctor ran tests to check his blood, she found no traces of sulfur at all.

Cas you clown!

That episode was awesome! @shannonl5 you get to see certain people in different lights. I'm not spoiling lol.
too scary, could not watch, had to read episode synopses
when supernatural meets left4dead
@LAVONYORK oh no worries I read the synopses. Zombies just really freak me out, even stuff that's just similar I'm out