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“What the heck?!?!” Or words close to that crossed your thoughts as your eyes flew open. Did you fall asleep? No couldn’t have, Go Crazy was still playing. You look up to see Junho standing over you with a big smile on his face. You look past Junho to see Taecyeon, Nickhun, Wooyoung, Chansung, and Jun.K all headed in your direction. Your eyes must be the size of saucers, did you do something wrong? Had the Grown cd been playing for a reason you didn’t know about, did you mess up a shoot? They don’t look mad, but then….why are they all headed towards you? As you stare terrified at their approaching figures you sit up straighter and glance back at Junho who is now crouched to your eye level in front you. “Have we started again? Did you guys need something?” you begin as you attempt to stand up. Junho just smiles and in perfect English says, “Hello Hottest.” Your eyes close as your face flames red. Well it had to eventually come out right? Someone was bound to say something or like now, your actions give you away. Taecyeon helps you to your feet with a large, toothy, dimpled smile. “Hottest,” he states. Nickhun, seeing your embarrassment and confusion begins to explain. “We were told by the director that there was a KPOP fan in the crew from America. He might have also let it slip you saying we were your bias group,” the smiles are huge on all six faces. “We decided to find you. We had them play our cd and when the cd changed we knew you weren’t one of the sleeping ones.” You look at the floor, sucking your lip in, should you be embarrassed? You can’t fangirl right now you are at work! You take a deep breath, bow a little than look back up at them, “Sorry. We’ve all only had a couple hours of sleep, that cd would have put those of us still awake, to sleep.” Taecyeon laughs, “Are you saying our cd is boring?” Your eyes open wider, “NO! ugh,” you cover your hands with your face. Hands come up to gently remove yours from your face. A finger under your chin lifts your head and Jun.k is looking over your shoulder at Taec as he explains in Korean. He looks back at you, a smile on his face, “Was a compliment yes?” You nod your head in absolute shock. Not only are there six extremely hot men standing around staring at you, but your number 2 bias has your face in one hand and your other hand still in his. You must have fallen asleep, there is no other way this would happen, things like this don’t happen to you! You can’t pinch yourself, there’s no way you’re taking your hand out of Jun.k’s. You slide your right foot up and slide it down, hard against your left ankle. You wince in pain and nothing changes. Junho removes your hand from Jun.k’s grasp and laughs, “That wasn’t a pinch,” he states and proceeds to pinch the inside of your wrist. “Ow!” you exclaim as you grab your wrist back and rub it with your other hand. The offended look you give him doesn’t seem to matter. “Not a dream, right?” You raise an eyebrow at him, what is this man, a mind reader? Your head swings towards the door as outside noises begin to make their way into your private little corner. You quickly look back at them, “Lunch is over, we need to get you back.” You start to leave thinking they will just follow behind when a hand is suddenly at the small of your back. As you tense up you look to the side to see Chansung next to you, his hand on your back. The other members are all circled around you as you make your way back. As the group passes the PA’s that had been flirting earlier you don’t have to see the hatred, you can feel their glares hit you. You try to head back to your station but the group guides you over to their manager, “We found hottest” they state proudly. You bow to him as an elder only to receive a bow back. To your confusion Woosung responds, “Without hottest we are nothing, hottest, especially international hottest, are a happy find.” Can the floor just open up and swallow you? You are trying so hard to appear professional when the fan girl inside you is screaming her head off, grinning like a fool. “I’m pleased to meet all of you,” you say as you bow again to the manager, then the group, “but I really have to get to work, thank you.” You make a quick exit before you can’t hold it in any longer and do something stupid like start crying or blubbering all over them. As you turn away from them, you swipe at the lonely tear that escaped to roll down your cheek and even biting your cheeks can’t keep the mile wide silly grin from your face.