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If the avengers didn't have their powers Bruce would be happy and is living a normal life as a college professor Natasha can be a spy Clint also a spy Thor will learn the ways of the midguardians again Tony will use his tech for the greater good (not counting Ultron) and make 3D prosthetics Steve and Bucky will fight along side in WWII (with Steve marring Peggy of course) Aaaaaaand no more falcon and on your left jokes for sam
Agent Carter is the best show I have ever seen so far in marvel if, school wasn't kicking my butt I would be catching up on all the episodes so far.
@JimTurpen so math, English composition and general psychology is a no-go
I agree with all of that!
@CreeTheOtaku offer still stands. Just don't give me math or science. Or history or anything ending in -ology. English classes are iffy. Anything else, though.
@CreeTheOtaku I'll handle your school work for now, you get busy on Agent Carter episodes
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