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Hello nakamas! VoidX here, and today, it seems like it's my turn for the daily anime theme with Feel Good Friday! :D
So, tired? Have worked hard during the week? Dying to watch some anime? XD
Well then, my friend, my nakama, time to fire up the pleasure-region of the brain (Named Nucleus accumbens XD) and it's time to feel good! :D
Todays theme is...

Inspirational OPs!

Almost every anime has them, and very few have gotten themselves to the status of both iconic, classic and legendary. Today, with this FGF, we're gonna take a look into the OPs that Inspired greatness both within us, the anime and its characters!
Last time we had something with music, we went with OSTs and was by far one of the more successful and popular FGFs we've had so far.

Can we do it again?

Klick here for the OST-FGF!
Put out them headphones and crank up the volume! Again, as last time, I'll be having YouTube to help us out! :D

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Period by CHEMISTRY (OP4)

Although OP1 of the famed FMA:B has the status of Iconic, it is nowhere in the same planet as OP4 has.
With the half-way point of the series gone by, this OP starts with a bang and slows down build up to one of the single greatest pieces of music plays in your ears as your skin is filled with goosebumps and your eyes get teary when the greatness and inspiration to succeed and prevail has never been more apparent as when the chorus hits and the animation on the screen shows our heroes fight and fight to do great for the better of us all!

One Punch Man

THE HERO!!! by JAM Project

Sorry...found no good OP-vid :(
Admit it, you just bro-fisted the glowing fist that is Saitama's Punch! Already in the beginning, your heartbeat starts to beat faster and faster and as the screen is filled with random shots of Saitama and his path through epicness and destruction, your fist clenches itself to the point of pain! And when the chorus hits the headphones, there's no stopping you.
You swing your fists around in an effort to emulate and simulate the fight and epicness that Saitama goes through, all while giving it your all and never giving up. And as the final words of one of the single greatest and most epic lines are sung, you just feel like you wanna scream and punch the wall with all your might!!!

Shokugeki no Souma

Rising Rainbow by Misokkasu (OP2)

The guitar is the name of the game here, and as the introductory of the characters are flashing by like lightning without leaving one to spare, we are shown epic battles and struggles Souma faces and his attitude towards them by giving it his all and you're filled with that same inspiration to never ever give up!

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (Season 2)

Brave Shine by Aimer

This is exactly what the title implies. Brave and shiny as hell, and much much more than that. Glory, greatness, honour, empowerment and having faith.
Go ahead and just listen to this one and you can feel your skin getting its goosebumps when the chorus hits your ears and the beautiful voice of Aimer makes you go to battle with chin high and glory on your side!

No Game No Life

This Game by Konomi Suzuki

This OP has deserved both a place with Legends and Icons with the piano alone and what makes this song especially great is its *lyrics*. I have a video featuring english subbed ones but I'll write it down here as well. It's about Sora and Shiro's story and journey of being unstoppable, becoming who they were meant to be and to NEVER GIVE UP, despite the odds!
Inspiring-material right here! (the lyrics below differ from the lyrics in the video, the ones below is more *accurate*)
"We refuse to become a gear that spins in a rhythm of monotony Conforming to society's expectations is like a living hell
And while we were playing, God brought us into a world ruled by games No no no Game No Life
In an instant, our lives of peace and tranquility changed Into a journey up the stairs of glory, carving our names in history
Before us lies a future of ultimate victory, With everything proceeding as planned Now's our chance, let's cleanse this world together
We are maverick, assistance is unneeded No matter how unfair, or difficult our challenge may be, Success is only a victory away We'll challenge the undefeated using our wits and talent And soak in the exhilarating joy of victory All we need is faith in ourselves"

Naruto Shippuden

Sign by FLOW (OP6)

This OP has one intention and one intention only. Hitting you in the feels. The fast-paced drums and guitar along with the fast and highlighting animation, this OP is meant to make you give your all.
Giving your all for friendship. Giving your all for family. Giving your all for love. Giving your all for the greater good. And there's no better way to be inspired for that like they did it here...

Post your favourite Inspirational OPs from anime and share the inspiration, glory and greatness that the world and Vingle is ready to see and share! :D

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What a great card. You stole my idea for the 4th FMA Brotherhood opening lol. I love that opening it really is one of the top inspirational openings in anime
@InVinsybll and not just only you XD
I swear, the OPM OP gives me life.
*listens to them all on repeat for rest of forever* *is happy forever*
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