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I awoke this Friday morning with an epiphany, much like going through a long induced coma that forced to me to crawl from underneath the blankets, and move my head towards the bright light that will hopefully open my eyes. I needed to bring a movement back from the dead. Technically, it's walking among us, a lot of us just aren't aware of it.
I filled my stomach with coffee that is as dark as my poor, lonely soul, and I'm sitting at my computer communicating with someone who is also looking for a good story to report everyday. I shared my epiphany with her about bringing Gonzo journalism back to life; a literary movement that throws us around after being punched in the gut of realization. A good punch, much like the coffee I'm drinking. She said yes, without missing a beat.
Now, I'm talking to you, wonderful people of the incredible, edible internet, who, by most accounts, are eclectically posting funny memes, obsessive anime couples, and recorded vines of sexy, muscular men and women. I've come to tell you about something dirty, so honest, so fun, and always to the point.
I'm looking for Vinglers, and other bloggers to help bring back Gonzo and spread the truth and excitement around; people who are not afraid to take risks and embarrassment when writing a story of their own, and help provide a sense of fulfillment and wisdom to the rest of the world. I've started a collection entitled "The New Gonzo" where people can create cards about life, politics, movies, etc. using their own experiences and allow an interesting dynamic approach for the reader. If you have a piece you want to share, make sure you tag my name, and I'll consider adding it to the collection. What can you write about, you may ask? Here's a list:
-Personal Essays: About life, your struggle, your happiness, whatever!
-Political Skewering: Yes, commentary about what's happening in our insane times!
-Celebrity Skewering: See something wrong in society!? Let the world know!
-Poetry: About the world, or the day. Whatever.
-Creative Writing: Non-fiction is truth plus one right?
If you wish to learn more about what the hell Gonzo is and how to become one, a fellow writer and an acquaintance of mine @TessStevens has written an educational piece about the origins of this literary movement.
So, what say you? You in?
That awkward moment when your art school education gets between you and knowing how Gonzo journalism works.
@TessStevens I know that Hunter S. Thompson founded gonzo journalism, but I'm not really familiar with the genre itself much beyond that.
I'm not sure if I could encapsulate this style but gist of it seems to be use your experience your senses and descriptive style to the piece to bring the reader along for the ride almost like they see whatever it is your trying to show through you I'm honestly curious about this now research time thanks @TessStevens!
@TessStevens thanks for the shoutout <3
Rock and roll @nicolejb!!!! :) If you have any recommendations of your work for @Patmanmeow to clip into the collection please let us know!!
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