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I have to say, I love watching these Call of Duty videos when things go 100% wrong. Like a huge whoopsie-daisy of a thing happens right when you think it shouldn't. And that's definitely the case with this video I found this morning.
My favorite thing to do when I'm a little hungover is just laugh at dumb video game videos and I'm so glad I found one to share with you. It's almost as if you're sitting here next to me while I'm sipping on cold coffee and crying that my head hurts because drinking alcohol hurts me in ways it never has before.
Anyway! I don't think this could have been planned any better. I mean, you want to be a good teammate, a real Nice-Guy Eddie, but then your dart drone goes up and immediately gets destroyed by another teammate's supply drop. I kind of want to write another paragraph about how the timing was impeccable and how this was really insane to see, etc.
But! I think the player could have, well, picked a better spot to deploy his drone. It's not like he didn't see a supply drop was incoming right in front of him. So if he was mad at anyone he really should've been mad at himself for making such a bone-headed move. Either way though, I'm happy it happened because I wouldn't have gotten a much needed respite from the metaphorical vice crushing my head after a night of hard drinking.