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Yesterday, the new logo images for the upcoming next generation of Pokemon were leaked yesterday by a parody Nintendo account. Well apparently that leak prompted Nintendo to actually confirm these images in an announcement made today in a Pokemon-specific Nintendo Direct.
The announcement was a short one, only about 6 minutes long, and most of it was looking back on the last 20 years of Pokemon in a retrospective. The very end of the announcement was the 'official' reveal of the newest Pokemon games, Sun and Moon.
Also, a release date pegged for Holiday 2016. Which is cool, but it also makes me think about this new console Nintendo has been teasing about since last year, the NX.
Pokemon Sun and Moon are slated to be releases for the new, revamped 3DS coming out as well. It will hopefully be a saving grace, as the handheld system has been seeing some pretty bad numbers in the last new quarters, and the Wii U is notoriously in last place in the console market.
Everything Nintendo has been doing lately indicate a distinct move away from home console gaming to more handheld and mobile gaming. So this new project, the NX, will this really be a home console, or a new handheld, or are they going to marry these ideas together? Theories abound, because Nintendo hasn't really said much about the NX other than they do plan to create new hardware.
Maybe this Pokemon will be a double release, for the new NX as well as the 3DS, with some cross-platform bells and whistles. Or maybe this is a misdirect, and Pokemon is really going to be a release title for the new hardware. That might actually be the best move, because with all the Pokemon hype, it would definitely light a fire for their sales.
It's impossible to say, really, what Nintendo's plans for their new hardware are. All we do know is that there's new Pokemon incoming, and a new something-or-other that maybe we can play it on.
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I think they would drop moon and sun on 3ds and have a remake version on the NX or they can have a 3rd version like @OctoberHymns said Eclipse and have it on the NX
i just watched the announcement video and i am itching with anticipation! moar pokemon! MOOOAR!!!! @_@
anyone else think of solrock and lunatone when they see this?
@GenniMurphy I feel that Solrock and Lunatone deserve an elevated role in this game, along with Deoxys and the other space themed Pokemon. Each of them can be a part of the plot to the game and introduce a Pokemon that rivals Dexoys. Something other than Rayquaza.