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Might be a pretty goofy fight!

In honor of the NEW community for Yu Yu Hakusho fans (check it out HERE) I thought I'd make a card asking who you think has better odds in this hypothetical fight. Or maybe the more important question is.... what the HECK would these two be fighting over?
And thank you to @nberry1620 for making it happen!
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@shannonl5 I watched the show almost religiously while growing up. I just need to find a website I can I watch it sine j don't have the DVDs. Or I could read the manga online. Idk. I'll start reading/watching the series somehow.
@MarvelTrashcan ah gotcha. I have a few episodes on DVD and sometimes I'll just watch the abridged series if I need a laugh XD
@shannonl5 I shouldn't be surprised there is an abridged series. I'll check that too.
@MarvelTrashcan I think I posted one of the videos, I'll try to find it :D
hahaha, oh man... this fight would be more talking/yelling than actual fighting... but if it was legit and they duked it out, Deadpool wins hands down. There is nothing Kuwabara could do to win this imo... Granted, Deadpool is cocky and sloppy due to his being indistrustable... but I think he would just keep beating Kuwabara down. Sure, I suppose if Kuwabara had a hold on that dimension sword amd sent Deadpool away he may win on a technicality, but he wouldn't be able to compleatly do away with Wilson.