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How do you feel about these fan-made concepts?

We know for sure that Baymax will be featured in the (delayed, sigh) Kingdom Hearts III release. There was some gossip a while back that Kingdom Hearts would feature characters from Marvel or Star Wars because.... well because they can. As far as I know, it sounds like they didn't go in that direction. But some of these designs look pretty cool! What do we think?
(Yes, the video narrator made a small mistake about Magneto and Professor X, and Disney does not own the rights to any X-Men characters).
sora thinks he's about to fight sephiroth but then..... force choke grab kills sephiroth.... then enters Vader .... (darth vader voice)the keyblade shall be powered by the dark side join me or die 馃槻
I say yes hell yes to this I love kingdom Hearts and one of the reasons why I love is because of the cross overs it's juts extremly EPIC! and I was thinking about this already about marvel joining now that Disney owns them. I want goofy to get her caps shield Donald Thors hammer >:) that would be awesome hahah what the heck bring star wars into this! and give sora a keyboard light saber!!!!
I just can't wait to play Kingdom Hearts III
@UNITZ yeah I commented on that, and he added an apology since he doesn't know Marvel very well but I don't think the little youtube pop ups work on mobile
The video was good. But, he said magneto was in a wheelchair. Noooooooooo鈥our wrong as hell.
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