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Do you remember the iconic Sega Genesis 2D beat-em-up? Well, of course you do! You're an old person like me! Now that we've gotten that out of the way, you probably also remember Yuzo Koshiro's soundtrack. All the little beep-beeps and boop-boops that filled your childhood with memories of beating up pixelated bad guys that looked like they were ripped straight from a bad 90s movie.
All dumb and terrible jokes aside, the Streets of Rage II soundtrack is one that a lot of my music nerd friends absolutely love. One in particular always brings up how amazing it was. He even spent a Saturday afternoon talking to me about the soundtrack and going through each song to explain how much of a genius Koshiro was when he was making this soundtrack.
So, to honor my friend [who may or may not be a real person and just a figment of my imagination], I decided to write this card about the soundtrack being released on vinyl soon. Any music dork worth their weight in kosher salt knows that you can't listen to music on anything else other than vinyl. Well, unless you're a giant hipster and buy most of your releases on cassette tape like I do.
Either way, if you don't know the game or remember the music, I left the song from the first stage in this block so you can enjoy Koshiro's musical video game genius. If you want to pre-order the vinyl for yourself [you know, to prepare for that weird Williamsburg warehouse party your DJing], you can do that on the 27th of February which is like, 3 hours from now (it's tomorrow).