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What does a character NEED to be a hero?

Is it their principles? Their strength (physical or metaphorical)? Their ability to inspire despite all the odds? A lot of heroes end up having very dissimilar qualities, but do you think there's one trait that they might all have in common? I'd like to know what everyone thinks makes someone a 'hero' to them!
I think heros and villains both make others open their eyes and see which way they could truly go. Hope and fear are the two substantial emotions "played upon" by both but it gives others a foundation to build upon. Whether it's for good or evil, they all have some charismatic quality that makes people stop and think, "praise!" or "holy shit, run!!"
a hero I think should inspire people to become a hero in there own way not fight crime but helping someone carry grocery to there car holding a door open for someone be a hero in the ways they can help
A lot of the heroes I like seem to have a similar quality where they're fighting their own demons but come out on top regardless of that adversity.
the ability to make the decision that others can't good or bad
Never giving up no matter the odds they always have hope.
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