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For today's Feel Good Friday, @Voidx has for us the topic of the OPs that inspire us the very most.
Honestly, he nailed at least one of mine, the OP for One Punch Man "Hero." I have also written way too many times about how much I love "Unravel" from Tokyo Ghoul, so today I wanted to change it up a little bit.
Up there is the first OP from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, one of my favorite anime of all time. It's called Sorairo Days and the artist is Shoko Nakagawa.
This is another one of my favorites - the first OP from One Piece.

We Are by Hiroshi Kitadani

It really gives that beautiful sense of adventure that is so integral to One Piece. It smacks of the open seas and exploration and new experiences with your friends by your side. It fills me with the desire to get out, get out and go somewhere new and fantastic.
This last one gets me so pumped, because of it's energy but also because of the nostalgia I have attached to it. Hitman Reborn was an anime I watched with all my friends back in high school and it meant a lot to me then, and really still today.

88 by LM. C

It gets me so goddamn excited.
What are the OPs in anime that get you the most stoked?
your drill will pierce the heavens
parasyte the Maxim's let me hear best op
op 15 ft, strick back