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You're making this harder...
1. G-Dragon fan art.
Look at him on the mushroom!
2. Video of BB reacting to another group's performance.
Here are members reacting to Got7 and BTS.
3. Gif/vid of each doing body rolls.
3. Cont'd
T.O.P was hard. Do these count? For @lovetop
4. Vid of Taeyang performing live.
This is You're My. The actress is Yoo In Na.
5. JRE BigBang reaction video.
I chose Let's Not Fall in Love because I liked that he thought T.O.P was at a prison, mental institution, or schoolyard. Then he talks about fangirl staring and T.O.P friend-zoning. It was funny. I actually don't watch these but I watched this one because I liked the song in the beginning.
6. 10 of funniest BigBang memes.
I thought these were pretty damn funny.
7. Sexiest pic of each and sexiest with all 5 members.
Taeyang - His smile is his sexiest quality. When he's laughing, I question everything.
G-Dragon - Sexy because he looks like he's about to start laughing after the pic gets taken.
T.O.P - I find his eyes the most attractive. I like him looking, then looking away.
Seungri - I like his eyes too. When he turns to look, you feel like he's looking at YOU.
Daesung - This is a new picture, but damn him biting his lip like that.
Them in suits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Clip of Daesung speaking Japanese.
This is from Excite Magazine.
9. Pic/gif of BigBang with other Kpop idols.
Seungri with Chansung (2PM), BigBang and Shinee, reunited with BST's Hyunseung (Cute Pic!!), and Daesung and Taecyeon (2PM) reenacting the Secret Garden push-up scene.
10. Pic of merchandise with Seungri's name or likeness.
Seungri with his own t-shirt, and Seungri eye mask.
11. BigBance dance practice.
I chose Bang Bang Bang because I like Daesung's hair flipping around, and I like when he does that move in the 2nd one. I also like how T.O.P's really not into it.
12. 4 gifs of T.O.P dimples, and 1 gif without dimples.
The last one is for @lovetop.
13. Extra Credit
Pics of best cold/flu/laryngitis home remedies and explain.
I drink a lot of OJ for vitamin C along with hot honey lemon water, take DayQuil, not night because it makes me all fuzzy and drugged out the next day, get tons of sleep, and take really really hot showers. That's real sleep, not looking at them sleep. And real showers, not thinking about Kim Soo Hyun in a shower.
14. Favorite MV from another group.
I chose Kim Jae Joong's Mine, because this is a great song, he sounds really good, and the video is CCCCRRRRAAAAZZZZY.
lmao those memes XD and those body rolls ....I will have to confiscate those for ...*clears throat* researching purposes of course ~(^.^)~
@sailynn I never even noticed his dimples before. @jamimilsap I looved the pregnancy 1!!
Yes!!!!! of course it count....!!!!😍😍😍😍Tabi!!!!!
I love JRE's reaction video, he is always entertaining! And the meme about pregnancy killed me! So funny!! :-D
Tabi's dimples πŸ˜πŸ˜β€β€β€πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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