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Picture if you will, an alternate Crossover Anime universe based off Tokyo 2031(Black Bullet) Where the humans are Locked in a deadlocked battle with a deadly virus called the Gastrea Virus where people who are infected by the virus and as a person is nearing his death he transforms into a mutated form of an animal. Then imagine a world where Where there a small amount of people who are born as Magic Kings with the power to destroy a city if that power is unleashed and is not controlled or awakened. This is the story of a Bionic warrior for the Navy Militia who's power is unrivaled by anyone in the organization. When he was a boy his village was destroyed, his family along with the other villagers were destroyed. The boy loses his Right Arm, all of his Left Leg, half of his Right leg and his left Eye. The kid is found by A Lieutenant Commander almost and taken to an underground is given a Varanium Right arm, Left and Right Leg and a Bionic Right Eye. Tie in the fact that this young man is completely unaware that He is a Magic King until a Chance meeting of a little orphan Girl he saves and later on Adopts and 4 Female Mages appear while he is in ICU and learn of his Hidden magic potential to become the strongest person alive, He must now learn to control his new found powers to protect Everyone he loves and cares about from Demons, Gastrea, Evil Mages, Shinigami and even gods. Also along the way he will encounter more war orphans and Harem Madness. That Being said LET'S GET RIGHT INTO IT!!!!!
I hope you guys enjoy the Story of The Bionic Magic King!! Now Buckle up!! It's going to be ONE HELL OF A RIDE!!!
I promise yall this will be awesome
damn, sounds like a whole lot going on in this story!