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“True Love through Lack” by Lumina H. I have learnt of true love through lack. Without unrequited love, I had no way of knowing what it is to be human. In all my weaknesses and my unfulfilled desires, I have discovered that I craved a love that I wasn`t capable of giving others. I wanted more than I was prepared to give, and I became a slave to receive than to give. I demanded an unconditional love that never waned, that never withered. But when I realized I could never give myself to anyone in such a way, I began to see that such an everlasting love can only be given when understood, when experienced, when accepted into your soul and mind in all its entirety. I have gained more through not getting what I wanted so desperately in life. Through lack, through loss, through pain, I have gained knowledge of God, and for that I have gained more than what the world could ever have given me. Through lack, of wanting but not having, of needing but not receiving, of craving but being denied every time, I have found the greatest treasure there is to find in this world. That the treasure I have been so desperately seeking, was with me all along. That I was already loved more than I ever deserved, that I didn`t need to crave what I already had since I came into this world. I am loved, just as I am. When I was stuck alone in the darkest of nights, and when I was in the brightest of lights, I was never alone. I am loved, and that truth is the beginning of everything.