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“Because You were Ice, and I was Fire” by Lumina H. Because You were Ice. And I was Fire. The heavens decided it ‘be best we never meet. For we are star crossed lovers, who were never meant to greet. But even though destiny ruled out what was best for us. We still collided together, even though we should`ve never ridden the same bus. Because of what we are, because of who you are, and who I was, who I am, and who I always will be. Never have we been more lethal to each other than Romeo and Juliet ever will be. I will melt you instantly, and you will cease to exist at my touch. I want to grasp you in my inferno, because I desire you too much. My flames engulfed you too soon and too violently. For you have never shared what I feel, never wanted to be with me this intimately. So you, being Ice, died. But I, being Fire, survived. But my love for you will continue to burn, burn, burn, even long after you have gone. Because I am Fire to the core, but you were only Ice even to your bone, frost wrapped your body on and on. You always felt cold and never hot. Your affection for me waned quickly and soon it rot. For you possessed no heat for me inside your frozen heart. You were nothing but a chilly, frigid snowstorm to me right from the start. I loved you too much and you loved me too little. My birthday meant nothing to you, you never called me when I needed you, you were so brittle. So I inflamed you under an inescapable, devastating temperature you were never meant to survive. I destroyed you violently, you melted into water, and then into nothing, you could never again thrive. I thought now, there was no trace of you left in my life. But I was still missing and desiring every single particle of what was you, you were still my knife. My Fire couldn`t stop. It still burned, burned, burned for you endlessly. Wishing for us a place and time where we could love each other boundlessly. But the truth is that, what really made me injurious and raging in flames was... That to Her you were Fire, but to me you were always Ice. With Her, Her, Her, you became Fire, and together with Her, Her, Her, you two burned brightly into the night sky together and forever without a price. Jealousy tore me apart into insanity and I decided I should never have been born. Because to watch you and Her, Her, Her become One, I could do nothing but mourn. Why could you never have been Fire to me? Why were you always so frosty, always living in eternal winter, never hoping for the possible warm spring and hot summer that awaits us, and all that we could be? We could have become Fire together, burning, blinding and enlightening the world around us in the brightest and the most beautiful warmth and light. We could have been what no one else could have been, a bright star in the mighty night. Because if you felt the Fire I was born to feel for you, we would have become invincible and immortal. Nothing could have separated us apart or divided us forever, for we would have had our own portal. We would have been nothing but Fire, to burn, burn, burn with heat for each other. Because we had no more passion to give any other, it would only have been a bother. But you were solely Ice and I was merely Fire. It was a nightmare and terror to see you walk away, to let you go became a dire. I loved you, but you never loved me. In a million lives, we could never have been, we were never meant to be. For you tried to freeze me into a shivering hypothermia. And for once I let Ice extinguish Fire. Where was my pride? Where was my Superbia? You tried to kill me with your minus Fahrenheit. You were my Knight, who could take me on a flight into the maximum height. How could I look away from you, when Ice entered my every sight? When just the right dose of light reflected your glossy might even at night? My lust became too strong, and so I had to let out to the world how the Winter enchanted and bewitched me to sing and to write. You temperature was negatively charged; unaffectionate, emotionless and careless. You didn`t care if I lived or died, because to you I was nothing but fire, and so you decided I deserved less. Was I just hot, hot, hot Fire to you? And have you ever tried not to be just cold, cold, cold Ice in my view? Because that was all that you are. But even though you tried to destroy me, to lock me up in a jar in scars, to never see the stars. Even though you became my downfall, my destruction, my death and my enemy. I feel for you chemistry, ecstasy, you are my heavenly melody. But you only feel for me enmity, empathy, because to you I am like a severely reckless leprosy. I wanted you to be my therapy, my remedy, my clarity, medically. But in your eyes I was just Fire. You grouped me separately, avoided me mentally, and I steadily became your secondary. But despite all this, even though our story already ended, why am I still burning, burning, burning for you in never waning flames. Why do I still want you, to hold you, to have you in my arms? Your icy beauty is the one to blame. Because all that you are, you were nothing but intoxicating, irresistible, inevitable Ice. But I still want you to be my Fire, inside my heart. I`m slowly dying because I continue to hope for chances of us together, I continue like a fool to throw the dice. If my heart is the only place where you and I can burn brightly together as one. Then forever you will stay there, because even though we are always apart, you were the start of my life`s tragic art.
thanks that was good to read after a down day.
Awwwww thnks guys its a pleasure
Great poem. I really like how you made the images at the top – they're beautiful. Thanks for sharing your work with us :)