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"I was a heavy heart to carry."

Honestly this was one of the most heartbreaking parts of Jessica Jones (SPOILERS AHEAD) imo. Jessica is clearly a very flawed person, but it feels like a lot of that comes from fear and the aftermath of everything she's been through. Luke seemed kind of shy to me- really protective of his heart but extremely generous with it too. So of course everything went to hell for them!
Song: Heavy In My Arms by Florence + The Machine
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Spoilers: Yes!

I need to know who else is still cheering for them!

And if you weren't before... did this video convince you?
That was a great video! Thanks for sharing this! I hope there is a second season because there were so many un answered questions.
@JohnathonWest sure thing! They signed on for a second season but there's no release date yet. My best guess is that they'll wait until after Luke Cage comes out later this year before they start working on it
That makes sense, but i want it now!!! lol
@JohnathonWest same here!!! I have my fingers crossed for a hint or something when season 2 of Daredevil is released