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so...the peoples have spoken. A lot of u want to see pics of my Kpop merch collection. I had to take pics by band because there was no freaking way I could get EVERYTHING in one picture. So...here we go!!!!
Band #1: SHINee. The group that started the obsession. Backpack, Three tshirts, one 'jacket' , one sweatshirt, key lanyard, keychain (tho it was a cell phone charm first, i made it into a keychain), face mask, and bracelet. Key is my bias, in case u can't tell.
Group #2: BTS i think this is the group i have the most of. 3 sweatshirts, 2 facemasks, 2 tshirts, 1 jersey, 1 long sleeved, keychain, bracelet. Suga is my bias, but I like Jimin n V too.
Group #3: Big Bang 2 sweatshirts, three t-shirts, keychain, face mask, bracelet, snapback The sweatshirt on the upper left is the one GD had in the 'Let's Not Fall In Love' mv GD's the bias, but I don't have much of just him.
Group #4: B.A.P face mask, two t-shirts, sweatshirt, keychain. Zelo's the fav of this group
Group #5: EXO some of this i bought in Chinatown. 3 sweatshirts, 3 tshirts, hat, coffee cup, n of course the glowstick from the concert!!!
Misc groups: Infinite, VIXX, GOT7, MonstaX. and the tshirt with one of my all time fav sayings: ALL I NEED IS COFFEE AND KPOP. Infinite: sweatshirt, 2 tshirt VIXX: tshirt, chained up choker GOT7: tshirt MonstaX: 2016 calendar n note cards
and earrings!! either kpop group or kpop inspired. EXO, SHINee, Big Bang for the most part well there u go, folks! do u have ANY idea how long this took me to do??? 😄😄
@krin ebay...ebay is dangerous. the words kpop and earrings together bring up a lot of choices
@Kieuseru you've opened a whole new world to me, you don't understand!!! Ahhh who needs money hahahaha...
that's a lot
I love that. Your shinee backpack is my favorite!!!
Where did you get the Chained Up choker?????
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