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Sometimes when we are focused on the relationships, we miss out on the friendships we have and how to support and be a better friend. It's not that we totally ditch our friends to hang out with our S.O. But just like every relationship, you can become totally into that person you spend a little less time then you usually did with your friends. I'm guilty for this too!
Q: So I'm in a really incredible relationship with my boyfriend, it's been a whole year now! But my best friend in the whole world is not so great at finding an S.O. She goes on dates and meets people, but picks the most toxic people to spend time with. I tried to set her up with some really great people, but she never likes them or finds them attractive! Then she goes around and dates someone that treats her really crumby. I've done my best to support her. I'm always there to help pick up the pieces when things go south! And I'm trying to get her to date other (better) people!! What else can I do to help my friend?
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Let her learn her mistakes on her own. It's only so much help one can give. She will learn overtime and eventually stumble across the right person for her.
I have had a best friend that went thru this just let it play out...nothing much you can do but be there for her when she needs you!! Just have a very understanding S.O. when you need to be with your best friend!!
First thing, this is advice for your friend. Close your ears this isn't for you. Closed? Good. When a friend who is in a relationship wants to hook you up, always use the trust but verify method. Always. Ok, back to the person asking for advice. I understand that you're in a relationship, and you're happy, and you want her to be happy too. As friends you want that to be something you share. But you can't help who she's attracted to and ends up in relationships with. All you can really do is let her know when they ain't shit, and that she needs to keep look. Even then, she may end up meeting someone you can't stand, but he makes her happy, they work together, and he's also not shit. The important thing is that you are always there for each other.
I'm in the same situation. My friend just never listen to me when it comes to relationship.
Hmm. It kind of sounds like this person is really judging their friend hardcore for their choices. What makes them so sure their friend is even ready to be in a relationship?? Or that their definition of "toxic" and "really great" is the same as their friends'? I think it sounds like this person just needs to kind of step back and let their friend live their own life and make their own mistakes. It's hard, but at a certain point you just have to realize it's not your life to live or your choice to make.