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WARNING: Mature, gang related content

Yongguk storms into Youngjae's room, walks over to his desk, and slams his hands down on it. "What do you think you're doing having Daehyun take her after what he did?" He doesn't look up from his work. "Giving you a break." Any attempt at intimidating him is clearly going to fail. "A break?" He continues flipping pages. "Yes, you've been working hard so I'm giving you a break. I thought you'd be happy about it." "Bullshit; what's your actual plan here?" "Honestly. Can we talk about this later? I'll tell you what's going on then. I have things to do now and I can't think with you bothering me." "I can't stand what you're becoming. You're getting to be a real prick, you know that?" "Okay. I'll speak with you later then." He waves him off, not once having looked up from his papers. The conversation is over and Yongguk knows it. He walks out, slamming the door hard enough that the sound resonates throughout several hallways. Similar to the sound of Youngjae slamming the door on him and shutting him out. The sound alerting him to the fact that he's losing the only person who he considers family. As much as that boy's done wrong, it's hard to turn on your family. ... After a few hours of Yongguk stewing in irritation in his room, Youngjae walks in. Even though he didn't knock, most of what he does still seems polite because he has that proper way about him. "Ready?" "For what?" "Follow me. Oh, and leave your gun behind." ... As they're walking down the hallway, there's an awkward silence. Youngjae abruptly stops at a door. As he puts his hand on the nob he pauses to say something. "Before I let you in, I want you to know Himchan is in there. Seunghye isn't, but she'll be coming soon." "He showed up?" "I just said that. That's why I had Daehyun take Seunghye; because I needed you with me. Well, that's part of the reason, the other part was to irritate you a little." "God, you need to grow up more." "Leave the attitude out here, got it?" "Yes, sir." Yongguk salutes him mockingly. Youngjae shakes his head. "And you say I need to grow up." He opens the door and Himchan is sitting at a table with Jongup, a former member of the gang, standing next to him. Presumably as his body guard. Youngjae sits down across from Himchan, who's staring daggers at the younger man who appears absolutely unaffected. "Long time no see Himchan. How are you? How's business going? That business you're running in my domain. The one I want you to take elsewhere." He's not going to sit here and mince words over this or negotiate, he doesn't care enough to. "If that's all you want, then fine, I'll leave. Just give me back my sister." "That was easy. She should be in here in a few minutes." "You know, I wish you would have gone on to do better things. This is all a waste of your potential." "Who are you to make that judgement?" He has an ability to make himself seem calm and aloof. "I'm you in the future; that's who I am. You can still leave and you should." He turns to Yongguk. "By the way, I appreciate you not telling him anything about what happened, it's really turned out great for all of us." That sarcasm, Yongguk never gets sick of it, even after all that's happened. His age must be getting to him if he's already reminiscent of something like that from someone like him. "Yeah I know. I was sentimental and wanted him around; I let it get the best of me. Unfortunately, that pleasant young kid has disappeared and has been replaced with a bitter dictator on a power trip. Definitely getting worse than you ever were personality-wise." It's appears as though he's completely ignoring the fact Youngjae is in the room. But in all actuality, he's trying to make the boy realize what he's becoming in a situation where he can't throw a fit. Himchan scoffs slightly. "I almost take that as a compliment." He turns back. "So, since he never told you, would you like to know why your brother died?" Youngjae looks at his hand as he taps the table. "Not really. I'll never forgive you for it; therefore, I don't care what your motive was." "He's right, you are bitter. Fine suit yourself; but just know that he accepted his death. He knew he did you wrong and he wanted you to leave. That's why I'm telling you to leave; not just for your sake, but his as well. He died in hopes that you'd lead a good life." "Thanks for the concern. Little too late for me though. I like it here." "Congratulations Yongguk. I told you to tell him and you didn't. I told you to make him leave and you didn't. And this is what's happened; you helped create a person worse than me. Even I can occasionally listen to reason." He takes a deep breath and sighs. "Trust me, I've realized that. This situation has really brought out his true colors in a more obvious way than before." He looks up at the ceiling while he says this. As though he's asking for some form of forgiveness from a higher power. Forgiveness for the fact that he wronged this young man, a young man that should have moved on to something better.
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@JessicaEvaristo @Tamaki1618 Thanks guys! I appreciate it, seriously! I'm glad you guys like it and that it's hard to predict lol sometimes I worry too much but I am once again infired! 😄 So thank you!
@MadAndrea they should've had a chance
it was good. love it. i dont want anyone dying though lol
I'm imagining the look on Himchans face and Youngjaes. xp hey cheer up @MadAndrea I like it
You're doing great don't worry! I can't even begin to think ahead and know what will happen most of the time and I really love that x3 it's not completely predictable like most stories are 💙 I've really been enjoying reading this from the start and always read the next available chapter you release as soon as I can 😁 Keep up the great work, you're doing amazing! ☺️
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