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yo yo yo it's time for another story about me showing my sister kpop now I'm lazy and want to get this done so let's stat
so I got many requests challenge accepted but but but but but sadly I had to show what fits her personal so I showed her

bang tan seonyeon dan ~

yes army's shower me with love money call me a goddess (don't but I like it if you do... if you do got seven ha okay move on ) yes yes I wanted to show her more groups bit I only showed her bts and park jaebum which was halirous but but and I do say but Imfor now here's how it went
in my head no I'm like praying to God (my families Christian if you didn't know lol so I pray and it helps like when vixx came and...k ) well so I used her big wide screen tv that I was watching videos already and showed her bts giri boy and others
so I showed her giri boy first and explained one of his songs to her and she seemed shocked then the nightmare came
I showed her bts I need you now this ish right here confuses people and I tried so muah : "this is bts the group I told you about the suga guy was from " the other spawn of my mother: uhhuh muah: so this is there 15+ mv there's a 15+ but there's also 19+ at this point she was confused sje wemt like "whaaaat" bit she tried to get it other spawn: so this is a 15+ and there's a 19+ nega: yup there is the 15+ Is for kids while the 19+ is for teens and anyone older cause they all died except for one
this was her face mostly but I explained the whole thing and told her about run and how they all didn't die only one and she asked me if someone did die in real life so I'm like "if they did I would cry he's a cinnamon fluffball "
but more videos we're playing and such my baby nice was dancing to it I believe I need you played then run then boy in luv she recall some that she liked but I didn't see the tv so I pulled up the pictures
remember what I said about rap mon yeah no she likes



min yoongi aka suga the one I told her before she likes him and the reason why she said was "he looks like he would be scrappy "
well damn I knew it
then she likes jimin and jungkook
I said "Oh God you like the baby " and this chick got the nerve to say "I always like the babies I don't know why I jusst..."

"I like to train them "

I'm sorry what?


she likes to, "train them "

you heard it folk's this baby feman needs to chill cause shit he got my sister and she just saw him
so after all that I told her about the rest I don't remember much yesterday cause I got no sleep for two days but

I said and I quote....

this is rap monster the one that knows English I called him the blond one the picture you see is how I got her to look and did I mentioned I showed her a min yoongi blue hair and fancam she smiled TELL THIS BOY TO CHILL I TELL YOU CHILL
so moving on I said that rapmon was number one bae before and also said he's the most perverted one in the group and she said I can't I laugh "I can tell "
I cry she can tell rap mon the hell you be looking like homboy I'm laughing. and then at the end I showed her jay park and such and she looked him up and I cry finny thing is I showed her the shit he did and cursing came up and my mom was around I freaked and so did my sister cause she hates cursing knows that I do it bit hates it lol she fell for someone in a video and shit and blah blah the end so my beautiful friends that's the end...... I rymed I hope you liked it and imma go do nothing and chill later

tagging my "trainer's" ...icry. com

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dis girl said "train them". I don't recall BTS standing for Pokemon 馃槀馃榿
@CreeTheOtaku idk I just had the thought of jungkook being like trained with a whip.... something is wrong with me馃槀馃槀馃槀
@Miss148 right 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 Oh my God now not vixx it's in my head poor jungkook ew
"Train them" (VIXX CHAINED UP STARTS PLAYING) suga is a good choice for a bias btw!
@MadAndrea RIGHT THO 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀its is addicting and I said that to her too much she's like "ah really "
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