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You've been in a relationship for a few months. But everything seems different. It's like you aren't in the same relationship you were in when you first started. There are problems and issues and arguments that you don't understand. You wish you could go back. And you wish you could understand what's happening.
It's like you were on a trip somewhere -- maybe a country that's foreign to yours -- and you spent the first couple months on this extended vacation having the most fun you could ever imagine having. Then all of a sudden you wake up and realize things are different. The streets that you fell in love with started to look dirty. You started to notice the darker and nastier parts of the country. You thought you could live here forever but instead you're living in a place you shouldn't be.
So, you spend the rest of your vacation there trying to go back to those first few months. You try your hardest, you go back to all the old spots, you hang out at all the bars you first visited, you start talking about the old days not realizing that they're so far gone that nothing will bring them back. You look down at your hands then across the street and you wish you were home. None of this feels like home anymore. Not this relationship, this town, or these people. You're lost.
Camp Cope's Lost: Season One understands this. And you do too.

Notable Lyrics:

Maybe I don't get it, maybe I'll never get it, I'm just lost. Now it always ends up like this, it's just me staring at couples across the street, oh they look so clean and happy. But I don't wanna end up like that, going through the motions of lying in bed back to back, how it always ends up like that.

I wanna be losers forever, drink coffee in bed together, and not talk to anyone and figure out what it is that we had lost.

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Wow that's a really sad, difficult situation to be in :( I guess most relationships end up like this eventually though. it's hard to find someone you truly connect with and want to be with in the long run