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Hey Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakama!

I'm sure everyone is gearing up for the weekend, full of plenty of binge-watching sessions and new manga chapters and all kinds of anime goodness. So while you're heating up your cheap cup of ramen noodles and you're deciding on what anime you're gonna launch into the weekend with check out some of these awesome cards from this past week!
On Monday, @tayhar18920 made us all jump out of our seats with news about a new Virtual Reality Sword Art Online project happening in Japan IN REAL LIFE.
The potential of one day having a legitimate SAO experience in real life is too much to pass up, and I for one can't wait until this is a mainstream thing.
Here's the card, if you missed it!
On Tuesday, @sharia excited us all with a card all about an awesome, if alternative ship from Bleach. You don't see a lot of RukiHime shipping going on around, but everyone who checked the card out seemed to really love it!
Here's the original card! Show it some love!
On Wednesday, @ChrisStephens got us all riled up in a debate about how would win in a fight between the two most popular humans of Dragon Ball Z if they were to go toe-to-toe against the two heroes of Naruto.
It was certainly a heated comments section, full of debate back and forth!
Here's the original card if you want to throw in your opinion!
On Thursday evening, @hikaymm published a card with some awesome news for everyone i nthe community! Collectively, we have all managed to push the total number of cards up above 40,000! Certainly a landmark for everyone in the community, and everyone should be proud!
If you want to clap yourself on the back, and @hikaymm for putting the news in a card, check it out here!
Yay! I will try to get some One piece and Fairy Tail in this weekend...and chipotle 😏Thank you for tag. 😊 lol silly naruto...
Thanks for the Tag😅 that was a fun debate
Thanks for tag ! Let's definably get to 50,000 cards anime community!!