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Anyone going to the Vegas show??Lets meet up:)
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@xxchicharitoxx lucky! My friends are just like why do you listen to korean music lol Im just not even going to make them listen lol
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@dayashley11 my friends aren't really like that they just don't care and if I play it they just go along with it. 馃槄
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@xxchicharitoxx well damn I need some of your friends haha Do you know what ticket your buying like package??
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@dayashley11 haha I'm not sure yet I'll probably look into them more today and get the tickets tomorrow. which one do you recommend?
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@xxchicharitoxx well I got vvip.I'd say either get vvip,vip,or superior.Free stuff lol but I know if you want to go to the Vegas one last night they still had vvip
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