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It's officially the weekend!

While you probably try your best go light on the makeup during the week, now is your chance to unleash your inner makeup guru and beat that face. During the week, we all know getting dressed and attempting to look decent can be a serious struggle opposed to the weekend when you have more free time. Keep scrolling to check out the hilarious video below that describes this scenario perfectly.

Ladies, can you relate?

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I definitely wear less makeup on weekdays
that makes two of us and I think everyone else, haha! @stephosorio
I work weekends so full makeup it is, but on my days off the only thing on my face is my sunglasses.馃槑
Yesssss! I love that. Bare face during the week is always a good thing! It's nice to go without makeup every now and then @jlee37
Yes it is. @jordanhamilton